Monday, October 20, 2014

The War on Women Game

Carly Fiorina has a plan to combat the War on Women game played by Democrats pandering to women and Independents voters.  As we know, women now make up the majority of voters.  Elections are won by appealing to the majority of Independent voters, as well as getting out your own party's voters with a solid, well implemented ground game for early voting and on election day.

Part of the problem with the GOP’s current strategy (or lack thereof) to combat the Left’s “war on women” narrative is that there’s too much talk and not enough action and accountability.Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and a former Senate candidate, has a plan she says is based on results instead of speeches and lectures.“As a business person, results matter to me,” Fiorina said when she spoke to the Washington Examiner. “So words are nice, but in the end words don’t change that much.”Fiorina came up with the idea for her plan, the Unlocking Potential Project, after she gave a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in March 2014. In the speech she took on the “war on women” narrative aggressively, noting that women make up 54 percent of voters.
Women are not single issue voters.
“We’re not some special interest group and please don’t insult us by saying all we care about is reproductive rights, whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice,” Fiorina said. “I happen to be pro-life. But there’s more to women than that debate, there’s more to women than the debate about birth control.”
Fiorina is right.  It is insulting to assume that women solely are concerned with one issue or another. The War on Women meme began when all else failed for Democrats on the social issues.  You may remember that during the re-election of President George W Bush, it was all about national security and the threats of terrorism on our shores.  Women voters swung over to him in the aftermath of 9/11/01 - they were called "security moms".  Before that women were referred to as "soccer moms" as it was presumed that women cared most about family issues and children, therefore more women voted for Democrats. To further exploit that line of thinking, the War on Women emerged over recent arguments about the so-called rights of women to tax payer funded birth control.  Obamacare has provisions for federally funded birth control.  Free birth control is assumed to be a human right now, according to Democrats.  It's all rather silly when one looks at it from a realistic approach - most standard prescriptions for basic birth control pills cost about $7.00 per month.  The issue clearly isn't about birth control.  It is about the larger issue of employer paid health care insurance.  Thus, the legal wrangling and debates.

And, over the battle of equal pay for men and women, Democrats like to say that those mean Republicans don't want women to make as much money as men in the work place.  Paid partisans like to give the press tantalizing quotes to make headlines and sometimes that come back in a bad way.

Maybe you remember this one:

"Scott Walker is giving women the back of his hand"  said Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC Chair. Walker is the Republican governor of Wisconsin running for re-election. She said this as the issue of domestic violence was all over the air waves and newspapers due to stories relating to that issue and professional athletes.  She later had to apologize for her crude remark.

We Republicans have our own communications problems. We also make the mistake that voters won't take such nonsense seriously.  We know better so we assume that everyone knows better.  Unfortunately, that is not the case with most of today's voters. We can fix that and allow successful Republican businesswomen to lead the way.  Carly Fiorina has taken the right first step.  Republican women have to step up and state that Democrats don't speak for us. She has several ads out in states that can be in the GOP win column to take back control of the U.S. Senate.  You can see ads she has done for Iowa, North Carolina, and New Hampshire, for example, HERE.  Targeting specific races is how she is reaching voters.

Republican Women lead the way.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Which Cable Network Airs More Republican Campaign Ads?

This is a chart found online which shows the cable networks and the percentages of money spent from both Republican and Democrat campaigns.  You may notice the obvious - the majority of Republican ad money is spent on networks believed to fit into the stereotype that the party is traditionally older, whiter and not much for diversity.  

It's time to switch out that kind of thinking and reach outside of the normal comfort zones.  Preaching to the choir doesn't increase the number of voters in the Republican column.  Even on the Food Network the difference is almost 50% - 38.57% GOP and 61.43 Democrat.  What's up with that?  I know this chart doesn't represent the majority of my television viewing and I surely can't be alone in that.  

Surely it is worth more investment in reaching Independent voters needed to win elections.  

You may think that FOX and MSNBC would be the most partisan when it comes to running political ads.  This proves to be wrong, in this survey.  

As cable networks take up a bigger percentage of viewer eyeballs, campaigns are spending more on those networks than ever before. A new study by Echelon Insights, a Republican firm that specializes in digital and advertising strategy, found that Republican campaigns tend to buy cable spots on channels aimed at men, while Democrats are buying more spots on channels that draw more women and young viewers.It’s little surprise that the overwhelming number of political advertisements on Fox News come from Republicans: GOP candidates accounted for 84 percent of Fox’s ads. A similar number, 85 percent, of ads on MSNBC come from Democrats.But the news networks are only the second-most partisan channels. Echelon found that 93 percent of political ads on the Golf Channel are paid for by Republican candidates and outside groups. And 94 percent of the political spots on the E! Network are sponsored by Democrats and their allies, making it the bluest network in America.
Attention shifts a bit, as you would expect, from primary season into the general election time frame.

Because of Fox News’ overwhelmingly Republican viewership, its relative value to political campaigns changes over time. Echelon’s analysis shows Republicans advertised most heavily on Fox News, almost to the exclusion of other channels, between February and late March, and again in late June — both times when expensive primary battles made access to conservative eyeballs essential to success.After primaries, Republican cable dollars expanded across many other networks. Similarly, Democrats tended to gravitate towards MSNBC earlier in the year, when primary voters were about to cast their ballots. 
By taking a look at the results, as itemized in three separate charts in this piece linked above, the Golf Channel used most by Republicans is also the most expensive cable channel for advertising.  

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wendy Davis Attack on Greg Abbott Brings Immediate Bi-Partisan Criticism

The backlash from the latest political ad released by the Wendy Davis for Governor campaign has been quite an amazing situation to watch, to say the least.  I have yet to see anyone defend that ad except for Wendy Davis herself and her campaign communications director, Zac Petkanas

This is where I remind you that before coming to the Wendy Davis campaign, Zac Petkanas was the communications director for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).  Enough said.

Liberals and conservatives alike are weighing in with disgust and disbelief with the ad - it is literally attacking a candidate who is in a wheelchair with a wheelchair.  Time Magazine even called an article about it : "Wendy Davis Wins the Prize for Most Ill-Advised Political Ad of 2014". It called the ad the nastiest point of the campaign season:

The 2014 campaign season reached its nastiest point yet Friday, with a campaign ad by Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis that plays off the disability of her opponent Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, while calling him a hypocrite in the same breath.
With all the ugly stuff out there during this mid term election season, with the Democrats running scared about losing control of the U.S. Senate, running THE nastiest ad is saying something. 

Here is the ad:

Friday, October 10, 2014

Energy Policy and Poverty - At the Crossroads

Recently, I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Judith Curry speak at the Texas Public Policy Foundation's first annual At the Crossroads Energy and Climate Policy Summit in Houston.  Dr. Curry has an op-ed in Friday's Wall Street Journal. Some of her credentials are at the bottom of the article: Ms. Curry, a professor and former chairwoman of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, is the president of Climate Forecast Applications NetworkShe points out that the numbers do not add up in the arguments in the climate change alarmists' rhetoric.

Here is a good introduction to the information now available from that summit on the TPPF website:

It is not an exaggeration to call most of the policy demands and emotional rhetoric coming from the wealthy and unaffected simply snake oil.  Wealthy liberals like Al Gore, formerly career politicians, jumped on this bandwagon in the early stages not out of some kind of need to save the world but out of pure greed.  Many have become even more wealthy from actions taken that have now been proven contrary to not only common sense but also to basic statistics. 

Bad policy decisions - especially many of the arbitrary mandates promoted by policy makers - are literally killing poor people.  How's that for alarmist reaction?  By making electricity more expensive in hopes of discouraging use of power, the poor suffer.  Think of African villages with no power source.  Without a cheap source of energy - namely electricity - there is common place shortened life spans and no hope for a better future.  

Electricity lifts people out of poverty.  It gets no simpler than that. 

You can listen to Dr. Curry's presentation to the Summit HERE. 

Other presentations are available now on the website, too.  It is worth your time to get the real facts on the subject.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Weekly Republican Address: NY-21 Candidate Elise Stefanik

"It's NOT a war on women. It's a war FOR women", said Texas Federation of Republican Women President Jody Rushton recently.  I see the Speaker of the House, Republican John Boehner of Ohio, agrees with this statement. He asked Elise Stefanik to deliver the Republican weekly response to President Obama's weekly address.

She's been called the new "poster candidate" of the Republican Party, and this weekend New York congressional candidate Elise Stefanik was selected by House Speaker John Boehner to deliver the GOP's weekly address."One month from today, all Americans face a clear choice: stick with the status quo of more government, more spending, and higher taxes or choose a new direction of new ideas to unleash job creation and economic growth," she said.
At 30 years old, she will also be the youngest member of Congress on Election Day.   

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

TPPF Hosted At the Crossroads Energy and Climate Policy Summit

The recent summit held by Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) in Houston, titled At the Crossroads Energy and Climate Policy Summit, has proven to be a very timely event given recent headlines.  The event was well attended and everyone came away with an arsenal of new information and factual arguments against the onset of the liberal climate change agenda. Those promoting more and more regulations and public policy to curtail the effects of carbon production are true believers that the science has long been settled.  Most of the presenters at this event were of a different mindset.  

There was even a strong presentation on the moral argument for fossil fuels.  The most effective way to lift the poor out of dire circumstances and into stable, productive lives is with the production of electricity.  Electricity, of course, most reliably comes from fossil fuels. 

From a press release concerning the intrusion of EPA regulations on Texas electricity market: 

Texas Public Policy Foundation Armstrong Center for Energy & the Environment Director Kathleen Hartnett White testified Tuesday before the Environmental Regulation Committee of the Texas House of Representatives on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed Clean Power Plan (CPP).
“EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan rule would usurp long-upheld state authority over electric utilities and impose federally centralized low-carbon operation of the nation’s electric power system,” said White. “Yet, EPA admits that the intended reduction of carbon dioxide from electric power plants would not have any meaningful impact on assumed global warming.
“The CPP would have a disproportionately large impact on Texas – more than any other state. The regulatory mandate imposed on Texas is almost two times that of the next two states combined. Full state implementation would involve violation of Texas law to comply with EPA regulation that violates federal law.
“The U.S. Congress alone can restrain EPA’s ever expanding regulatory regime. The time is nigh for Congress to establish clear limits on EPA’s authority so that federal courts can meaningfully restrain an agency which now knows no bounds.”

And this article Tuesday from Institute for Energy Research on the consequences experienced in Germany from arbitrary renewable energy mandates:

Germany now has the second highest residential rates for electricity in Europe, second only to Denmark; just a decade ago, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy had higher rates than Germany. Between 2005 and 2010, the annual increase in residential electricity rates in Germany was 4.3 percent. Since the tsunami hit Japan in 2011, the annual increase was 7 percent because Germany increased its solar and wind subsidies to spur their development so it could close down eight of its nuclear reactors. Germany’s 40 million households and other taxed consumers paid 106 billion Euros between 2000 and 2013 to renewable energy producers. The government estimates it could cost as much as 1 trillion Euros by 2040. Due to the higher prices, household electricity consumption has declined by about 1 percent per year since 2005. The economic toll on the country and its residents has made the government recently cut renewable subsidies by 29 percent on average to 120 Euros a megawatt-hour.Germany is also taking an economic toll for the energy transition when job-creating investment leaves Germany for countries with lower power costs. For example, earlier this year chemical company BASF said it would reduce its investments in Germany from one-third to one-quarter of its global total.[iii]

Government mandates are jobs killers.  

Last week at the U.N. climate summit, California Governor Jerry Brown pleaded for cap and trade legislation and regulations.  Maybe he doesn't realize what a poor state of affairs California is for the ordinary resident.  Already overtaxed and watching jobs leave the state for more business friendly states - like Texas - Californians must have been shaking their heads. As noted in a Wall Street Journal piece this week:

The truth is that the glut of oil being produced from U.S. shale—in part via fracking—has helped reduce gas prices. Luckily for Mr. Brown and his environmentalist friends, the oil boom will also mitigate a gas price spike in California next year. Although Californians may ultimately pay more for gas because of the carbon regulations, they might not feel it.Consider the state's divestment from coal and renewable mandate. The average retail price of electricity in California has increased by 2.37 cents per kWh in the last three years—or about 15%—compared to about 1.42 cents nationwide. Yet electricity prices would be a lot higher in California (and nationwide) were it not for the natural-gas surfeit from fracking. The price of natural gas, which provides about 50% of California's electricity, has fallen by more than half since 2008.Mr. Brown is smart enough to appreciates how the fossil fuels are in effect subsidizing his expensive anti-carbon agenda, even if it's an inconvenient truth that the Al Gore crowd would rather ignore.
And, who else is jumping on the bandwagon? Your doctor. Thanks, Obamacare!

Among the more than 310,000 demonstrators marching through Manhattan in last week’s People’s Climate March were contingents of physicians. And now the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the voice of the nation’s powerful medical establishment, has issued a call-to-arms to doctors,urging those in health and health-related fields to throw their weight behind climate change prevention efforts.“Is climate change similar to poverty and war, best left to other scientists and politicians, or is it of such fundamental importance—like clean water, clean air, and adequate sanitation—that physicians should strive to further clarify the effects of climate change on health, educate themselves and the public, and mount a campaign to ensure that climate change does not lead to an epidemic of eroding health?” wrote Howard Bauchner, JAMA editor-in-chief, and executive editor Phil Fontanarosa.Yes, they concluded.“Understanding and characterizing this threat and educating the medical community, public, and policy makers are crucial if the health of the world’s population is to continue to improve during the latter half of the 21st century,” according to Bauchner and Fontanarosa.  
 Those are three articles from just the first of this week that crossed my path with no effort at all.  Imagine what awaits us as this administration remains in office for two more years.  We should all be alarmed by those thoughts.

If you are interested in the presentations delivered by some excellent speakers at the TPPF summit, keep an eye on their website.  We were told that the panels would be up on the website soon.  

Thursday, September 25, 2014

HCRP's Westside Victory Center Holds Grand Opening

The Westside Victory Headquarters held a Grand Opening event Wednesday night featuring a 20 year old young man from Illinois as the guest speaker.  He spoke truth to power and held the attention of the entire audience of Republicans with his candid opinions and his experience as told in the stories he recited.

Charlie Kirk is the Founder and Executive Director of Turning Point, USA. One very good prediction made by Kirk is that in the 2016 election campaign, look for the Democrat candidate to entice young voters with a promise of legislation to eliminate student debt.  I see the Wall Street Journal editorial page is thinking along the same lines with this story:

"Last week we told you  about the$20 billion annual rise in Department of Education outlays, due to an increase in student-loan borrowers using income-based repayment programs. Today the Journal reports the disturbing details for taxpayers.

"Enrollment in the plans has surged, thanks in part to a continuing administration publicity campaign. As of June, the number had swelled to 1.91 million Americans holding more than $101 billion in student loans—nearly a 10th of all outstanding federal student debt. The number of borrowers and debt covered roughly has doubled in the past year," reports the Journal.
These plans allow borrowers to reduce monthly payments to just 10% of discretionary income. The loans can then be forgiven after ten years if borrowers work in government or for a non-profit—basically any job as long as it doesn't involve a profit-seeking business.
So the government is spending taxpayer dollars to encourage young people to avoid repaying loans to taxpayers, while at the same time encouraging these young people to work for outfits that don't pay taxes. Margaret Thatcher might have called it a perfect formula for eventually running out of other people's money."
The Obama White House is currently running a publicity campaign to encourage young people to go into public service by offering the goodie of reduced payments on student loans.  As Charlie Kirk mentioned, the typical graduating college student leaves school $33,000 in debt.  Unfortunately, free money is more of an incentive to support a candidate than the logic of a private sector job that Republican business economics can produce.
The Westside Victory Center is a part of the Harris County Republican Party network in the get out the vote effort.  There are now several centers open throughout Harris County.  Phone banking for candidates and campaign literature distribution are two of the ways these centers are helping out this election season.
Thanks to Republican Women, the Westside Victory Center is up and running.  The Grand Opening was hosted by Village Republican Women and Magic Circle Republican Women.  Also credited with support was Memorial West Republican Women. Many candidates and elected officials stopped by, as well as Paul Simpson, chairman of Harris County Republican Party and Tracy Hobson, HCRP Political Director.