Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Joe's the Man

Joe Lieberman is today's hero. Read his op ed piece in today's Wall Street Journal for some first hand knowledge of what is going on in Iraq as we press on there. He has returned from his 4th trip to Iraq and tells of the progress and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, there is still lots that needs to happen there. But each day as the microphone hogging bat shit crazy left continues to escalate completely bogus and harmful rhetoric, they prove to be more and more irrelevant. They think it is a winning political strategy for 2006 and then 2008. Good luck with that. Joe Lieberman, a former candidate for Vice President, is a lone voice of reason on the Democrat side. He remains true to himself and his country's military service members. Those so quick to use inflammatory language, such as "he lied" or "he inflated the intelligence information" should really look in the mirror.

The Christmas cards I ordered came in the mail yesterday. I had to order them as I refuse to send out cards that simply say "happy holidays" or "season's greetings". It's CHRISTMAS! All of the hubbub to be so sensitive to everyone on the planet is taking its toll this year. No one wets the bed if a menorrah is placed for all to see, but a creche, well, call the ACLU. Christmas is a federal holiday and we are a nation of over 80% Christians. My husband and I do not go to church regularly and are not wackos, but come on. No Salvation Army bell ringers in front of Target. I am so disappointed in Target. I am an almost weekly shopper at the one close to our house. Looks like that will change. WalMart is letting the Salvation Army have extra days to make up for what they'll lose from in front of Target. Consumers speak with their wallets as far as store loyalty goes. As I said during Ramadan, do you think the school announcements will wish the students a Merry Christmas as they did a Happy Ramadan? Really irritates me.

We had the heater on last night. Finally had another cold night. It is back into the 70's today and sunny. Really nice.

And, no, the dry cleaners have not found son's trousers. I am not holding my breath. I have to send him to school with a note explaining the unfortunate disappearance of the JROTC trousers so they can order him another pair. He doesn't pay for the original uniform but I guess we'll have to pay for the replacement pair. Yuk. This is his last year for JROTC. He mainly went into it as an alternative to PE course credit but he has enjoyed it for the most part.

Onward and upward.

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srp said...

We are still at 67 degrees and under a tornado watch until 1 AM.

Hopefully, more moderate democrats will separate themselves from the far left. If we don't care about freedom for others how can we expect to have it ourselves.