Thursday, January 19, 2006


Today I am hoping hubby's travel plans are in motion and he is making his way back home. He plans to be here tomorrow afternoon. He's been gone a month so it is time.

Today's calendar includes lunch with my friend. My favorite activity. We'll be getting together Saturday afternoon, too, to watch another friend's daughter in a school production of "South Pacific". Son will be joining us as the daughter is a former classmate and still good friend. Monday was the one year anniversary of the death of my friend's only child, a former classmate of my son's, who would now be a 16 year old Sophomore in high school.

Haven't seen a lot of coverage of Laura Bush's trip to West Africa this week. Also along on the trip was her daughter, Barbara. Remember when Hilary and Chelsea broke the previous national record on traveling and expenditures for foreign adventures and all the glowing coverage they got? Interesting. Barbara Bush has been active in African issues such as HIV/AIDS vaccine distribution on the continent and hopes to do something in country career-wise. Jenna Bush is a teacher in Washington, D.C. now at a charter school. Chelsea Clinton, now back from Oxford in England and partying with Madonna and Gwenyth, works for a Wall Street brokerage firm and lives in Manhattan. Her starting salary was well over $100,000.

It seems the Democrats (the good government party) held a private retreat in April 2001 with 42 or the 50 Senate Democrats in attendance. The purpose was to hear from experts and discuss ways to fight a Bush administration's effort to remake the judiciary. What? Encouraging cheap political tricks to undermine the nomination process to place judges on the bench? This information came to light in, you guessed it, The New York Times earlier this week in an article by Adam Nagourney. Again, the newspaper choses to release the information in their possession since 2001 at this time, now that the Alito hearings are over and it looks as though it will be some time before another Supreme Court nomination is needed.

Perhaps the GOP should have a hearing about the continuing collusion between the New York Times and the Democrats. When did Nagourney know this info and what is the extent of the knowledge? After the reincarnation of Joe McCarthy by the Senate Democrats during the Alito hearings, brought on out of desperation towards questioning a more than qualified nominee, the aides to the Democrats were shocked that Mrs. Alito's breakdown was covered instead of the camera hogging of the likes of Ted Kennedy. Shocking, indeed.

Earth to Democrats: as long as you continue to smear good people and vamp for the camera, the people of this country will continue to show a true disconnect with you. Elections have consequences.

"If instead of a gem, or even a flower, we should cast the gift of a loving thought into the heart of a friend, that would be giving as the angels give". - George MacDonald


aka_Meritt said...

I love reading your thoughts. Of course you are just writing what is in my head... LOL. But admittedly I've been so busy lately that all my political watching has gone by the wayside. I've become an average american... with their head in the clouds! (or should I say in work, family, sports schedules, kids....)

Write On!

srp said...

Laura Bush has so much more class than Hillary, there is no comparison. With her "plantation" remark this week Hillary has hit a new low.

AC said...

The NYTimes can really rile me up. Along with Hillary, Nagin, Harry Reid, Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, Barack Obama, etc, etc, and sadly, etc. Good posts!

AND - happy homecoming!

Jennifer said...

The whole political system has gone so far into the abyss of gamemanship, I have to wonder if there can ever be a return to the business of the national interest. Makes me sick.

All of it.

I hope your hubby makes it home safe and sound. And soon.

Open Book