Friday, February 06, 2009

Questions Spark Anger From Obama

I thought fear mongering was so, like, Bush era. Seems to be an effective tool being used by President Obama, the harbinger of hope and change. Last night as he spoke to the Congressional Democrats at the wonderfully posh Kingsmill Resort and Spa, President Obama unleashed his inner south side Chicago politician.

"I welcome this debate, but we are not going to get relief by turning back to the same policies that for the last eight years doubled the national debt and threw our economy into a tailspin," President Obama said.

"When you start hearing arguments, on the cable chatter, just understand a couple of things, No.1, when they say "Well, why are we spending $800 billion when we've got this huge deficit? --first of all, I found this deficit when I showed up. No.1.

"I found this national debt, doubled, wrapped in a big bow waiting for me as I stepped int the Oval Office."

Gosh, he didn't know about this big old deficit. Never mind that this administration was the beneficiary of the smooth and extensive transition provided by the Bush administration. He was quite arrogantly blaming his predecessor and angry that conservatives and some of his own fellow Democrats are questioning this amount of spending for political wish lists in the spending bill. Yes, the spending bill. President Obama, in a moment of complete candor before the Congressional Democrats called it a spending bill, and admitted that a spending bill is his definition of a stimulus bill.

President Obama berated opponents for using "phony arguments" and suggesting "false theories of the past" to spur economic recovery. The latest polls indicate that the majority of the American public support tax cuts over spending, so he has a good bit of selling to do and not just with conservative politicians in Washington, D.C.

President Obama will hit the campaign trail to sell the spending bill. He has plans to go to Indiana Monday and then on to Fort Meyers, Florida. He will go to Camp David Saturday with the family and return Sunday.

Does Barack Obama hate white people? He has yet to go to visit Kentucky or any of the region so terribly hard hit by the ice storm nine days ago. If Kanye West can declare that George Bush hated black people after Hurricane Katrina, then, does a logical train of thought question Barack Obama and his response to the people affected by the ice storms? He has time to hit the resort and Camp David. Can you hear the outcries if he were a Republican? Maybe Barack Obama just hates the red states.

Some Democrat congresspeople are now coming out and saying that they were pressured by House leadership to vote for the spending bill even though they were hesitating to support it. These are the politician who are not worthy of office. Any politician heard uttering these words in their districts should be voted out in the next election. They are there to represent the people who voted for them and pay their salary, not to be a puppet for the House leadership.

Remember when Democrats criticized votes by Republicans as 'rubber stamping' for the administration?

President Obama claims "old habits die hard". That is the White House mantra. Any resistance to this disgraceful legislation is to be mocked. This behavior ignores and discounts the basic ideology that separates Democrats from Republicans.

Fear mongering is being used by the White House. We are told our country will never recover. President Obama called it a 'catastrophe' if Congress doesn't act immediately. Fortunately, the American public is awaking. Some of the media is beginning to shake off the Obama glow. That is encouraging.

The thin skinned politician from the south side of Chicago is being questioned and he doesn't much like it. It was all so much easier when everyone was just sleepwalking. And chanting.


namaste said...

nail on head, karen! keep em coming. this guy is such a cry-baby. but i thought he'd at least wait a month or two before he started pointing fingers. i am giggling over the melt downs i see coming from him. and the approval ratings once they dip, will never recover. ha! he actually thought that ppl liked him for the job.

Kris, in New England said...

Oh yes, the economy that was wrapped in a bow - like he'd never seen it before nor voted "present" on some legislation as a Senator that may have stemmed the tide of failure.

Nikki said...

This is so hilarious...His policy has always been an opposing agenda and not an external circumstantial thought out policy. Its funny that the only defense is the "failed" policies of the passed, this shows some NON intellectual curiosity. Great post! :)N

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Good job, Karen!

I'm running out of popcorn over here!