Sunday, April 08, 2012

I Finished in the Top 25 Political Mom Bloggers Contest

The Top 25 Political Moms contest over at Circle of Moms has come and gone again and this year, my second in contention, I am happy to say I finished in the Top 25. I'd like to thank those who took the time to click the website and vote for me. You'll notice the nifty badge in my sidebar on this blog site now.

Zilla has a terrific post about the winners, listing all of the conservative moms that made the Top 25 and others who didn't. You may notice that it is a list of 20 conservative women blogging that made the Top 25. Unlike in the contest last year, where liberal women bloggers dominated - though a conservative woman actually won and then was disqualified due to a judgement made by the contest judges - it is good to see that the thought that conservative women are leading the political world is again verified. For far too long, the opinion promoted by those in the media is that conservative women are lesser forces to be reckoned with than liberal women. You know, we are told how progressive liberal women are. How smart they are. How strong and successful they are.

Those days are long gone. The myths of the progressive left are shattering. I think we have Barack Obama to thank for that. His failing administration is the last gasp of the far left liberal ideology in the world of American politics. It is not who we are as a nation.

Despite the talking points in the media and in Democratic politics, America is still a center-right nation.

Thanks again to those who voted and participated in this contest. Yes, it's a vanity thing and a way for the website to push traffic to its site. It's still fun to win though. I hope you will continue to support conservative women as the opportunity arises.

Liberal dominance no more.

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Zilla said...

And congratulations to you! You've a got a great blog here, and I am grateful to Circle of Moms for helping me to find it! I made some great new blogging friends through this contest and got to bond some more with friends I'd already had.
There's no Conservative "War on Women", but there are a whole lot of Conservative WARRIOR Women, and many of us have blogs!