Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Cornyn Responds to Bogus Sequester Claims by Administration

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) spoke on the Senate floor regarding the multiple claims made by the Obama Administration about the effects of sequestration that have been proven false. He also addressed the President’s failure to submit his budget on time to Congress:

Here are some highlights:

“I’m not sure where the Obama Administration is getting all of its talking points on the Sequester, but the President might want to consider hiring a fact-checker."
“While President Obama has been out there playing Chicken Little, Members of Congress have been waiting for the White House to send over its budget."
 “There is a time for campaigning, and there is a time for governing. The 2012 election took place more than 17 weeks ago, and the 2014 election won’t occur for another 20 months. Now is the time for governing, not for delivering more partisan stump speeches."
“The bottom line is the American people are tired of the Chicken Little stories and they are tired of the fear-mongering."
“After all, the American people didn’t send us here to kick and scream over a 2.4 percent budget cut. They sent us here to make some hard decisions that are necessary to ensure long-term fiscal health and long-term economic prosperity.”

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