Sunday, November 06, 2005

It's So Cool

Thanks to all for the kind comments on the new design. All props go to Lisa at Design a Blog, you will see her button on this site. She's the woman, I'll tell ya. She asked a few basic questions to find out what I had in mind and went with it. She rocks. And she answers questions for even rookies like me. I still have to get her the blogroll sites but am behind on that. My guys have hogged the computer all weekend. I'm taking it back in the morning!

I purchased a Belgian wafflemaker Friday and we have so enjoyed our waffles this weekend. It is a great machine - professional quality according to the hype - and even I don't burn them. So yummy.

Son's AP Biology teacher called Friday afternoon. The reason he is having some difficulty in the class has been discovered. He should have taken Biology I and then Chemistry before this class. Well, now. It is all making sense now. She is trying to get his class changed. Poor guy. Science is a strong subject for him and he loves the subject so he was really frustrated. The fact that he was passing at all is amazing to me. His French II teacher wants him to go into a AP class as he is straight A in her class and she knows he isn't being challenged. Maybe between the two changes it'll all work out.

Spoke to MIL this morning. Southern Indiana was hit with a devasting tornado but she is further north and wasn't affected. She is really excited to be coming for Christmas so I guess we did the right thing. She is bringing an extra suitcase loaded with things she thinks we want, as she is downsizing in a smaller condo. Yeah, just what this house needs. More stuff.

When I was purchasing aforementioned waffle maker, at Linens and Things, I was also shopping for a new bedspread. We need a bedspread on our king size bed, a comforter is too short on the sides and the way the bed is platformed, it doesn't work with the ruffle thingys on the sides under the comforter. They don't carry them anymore! I bought the one we use now there so I was not pleased with this development. I must resort to my catalogs, I guess. I am the catalog queen and receive every catalog published in this country, from the looks of my mail, especially at Christmas time.

Gas - $2.31


Sheri & SuZan said...

Glad your MIL is fine, as we have had crazy weather around the globe this year.

You are so good woman. I only do the frozen type waffles...LOL. However my son will pull out the waffle iron and cook up a batch.

Thanks for your congrats with our boys winning District, we only have to win next Friday then I guess we'll be seeing you guys (Katy right?).

srp said...

Gas in Virginia Beach - $2.15 - $2.24 depending which side of the road you look on.

YellowRose said...

Love the new look on your blog! Lisa does a great job!

I too am a catalog queen, that and I love to shop online! But I just love to shop so it wouldn't matter where it is! LOL