Monday, January 16, 2006

Martin Luther King Day

I have been thinking today about what Martin Luther King, Jr. would say about some of the people claiming to represent the civil rights movement in our society. Would he be proud? I think Dr. King would be saddened by the divide brought on by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Jr. who was a young man in Dr. King's entourage. Jackson is no more than a race baiter now and it is a tired old schtick. Same with Al Sharpton, Charlie Rangel,

The AARP needs a good talking to...the organization has named Harry Belafonte as a person of the year. BET cable network has named Louis Farrakhan as their person of the year. Both choices are offensive.

Mayor Ray Naquin claims that God told him that New Orleans must rebuild and remain with an African American majority. Well, Mayor Naquin, if God is tight enough with you to give you this information, where was the help and wisdom during Hurricane Katrina from this relationship you have?

I think Dr. King would demand much better from all these prominent African Americans.

"The ulitmate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." - Martin Luther King, Jr.


aka_Meritt said...

Well gosh... don't forget our good friend Rodney King "Can't we all just get along?" I'm sure he'll be 'honored' by the AARP soon enough. ;)

srp said...

All of those you mentioned have noting but hate in their hearts. They are as racist in their way as the KKK was and is in theirs. Both make a mockery of the work MLK did.

As for Mayor Naggin. I heard his little speech a while ago. There are not enough adjectives to describe how incredibly STUPID that man is. Bellefonte might be excused for senility or Alzheimers but Naggin is just ignorant.

He says God wants New Orleans rebuilt? {And my ex-sister-in-laws first husband told her that "God told me to marry you" when she wasn't even sure she wanted to date him. Much sarcasm here.) Then he says that God is angry with America for being in Iraq so He sent hurricane after hurricane? Excuse me. Hurricanes are natural phenomenon. They have hit the Louisiana coast long before people inhabited the area. People have just built where they shouldn't have. We humans are not too bright that way.

And why does he blame Katrina on God? The only two times God actually punished man with natural disasters (Sodom & Gomora and the great flood), it was total and complete. Maybe people were getting wise to his blaming Katrina on Bush so he's moved on to blaming God now. BTW does his family still reside in Dallas?

Jessica said...

good post. hey it's me Jess, from the old "Tales from Beanland" I left the old blog behind...