Saturday, December 27, 2008

Perception is Everything

I made a promise to myself concerning the incoming Democrat administration. I will treat them much better than they ever even thought about treating the current administration. I will remember that we are all living in the same country and my loyalty remains to country first. It was not just a nifty campaign slogan. Country first.

I will not, however, sit by and allow obvious acts unbecoming to the president to go unnoticed. For instance, I will make mention whenever bad behavior reigns supreme. I prefer a president with some degree of class. Class isn't learned behavior. Class is something you have or you don't. Unfortunately, the incoming president often lacks the basics. Just as Bill Clinton lacked any degree of class, Obama has his moments. I just hope he doesn't start biting his lip.

A shirt with the swim trunks on the beach would be a good thing. He knew the cameras would roll. He's got the job. Now he can keep his clothes on.

It is not classy to announce your nominees for your incoming cabinet appointments while bashing the outgoing cabinet. It is simply not necessary. Just make your points about why you chose whomever it is and get on with it. For example, when Obama announced the choice of Rep. Solis for Labor Secretary, he said for the last eight years the department had not been doing its job. That's a lie. The department was handled by a Republican administration, which handles labor differently than Democrats. Republicans are not solely out for unions. It is record that the administration brought about a long stretch of historically low unemployment. And it is petty and nasty to say that is not doing the job. He has to learn to rise above petty partisanship, especially as someone who ran on the sole theme of 'change'. Well, besides 'hope'. And, how the country will all work together. If George Bush couldn't bring everyone together with his previous track record of working with both parties and with his actions from the beginning of his first term, then a complete partisan like Obama will not pull it off either. Obama has never bucked his party leadership.

Where's the change in a Democrat rewarding the unions after an election?

So, I'm hoping for some change from the incoming president. So far he hasn't shown it. Change was a silly theme, unless a person didn't understand that if an incumbent office holder isn't running for re-election, then of course there would be change. But, hey, the kids ate it up.

And, I don't think the change everyone is looking for includes Obama being the first person interviewed by a prosecutor before he even makes it to the first day in the Oval Office. Hey, remember when I was being told that I was way off base about my knowledge of Illinois politics?
So, if a candidate is running on a promise to bring both parties together, his sincerity is rightly questioned if he is not even in office yet and continues with petty remarks, campaign style. Obama starts off with a noted habit of breaking his word when he makes agreements in the political world. Maybe he should work a bit harder to tone it all down.

As he vacations at the beach in Hawaii in the multimillion dollar house on loan he'll have a little time to reflect on a bit of better behavior. Perception is everything.


namaste said...

well said, karen.

Donald Douglas said...

Well, nice posting. I just don't trust Obama. I'm less worried about bringing the country together than I am about preserving the gains in Iraq and turning things around in Afghanistan. So far, Obama's resisted the antiwar hordes, but we'll see.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Debbie said...

I respect you for calling it like it is. I don't trust Obama either. You would think some of his minions would tell him renting that expensive place while the country is in (their words) economic crisis, is just tacky.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth