Saturday, July 04, 2009

Is Michelle Obama Proud of America Yet?

Do you think First Lady Michelle Obama is proud of America yet? Do you think she has learned more about her own country than she realized as candidate Obama's wife, speaking on the campaign stump admitting to an audience that she had never "really felt proud" of America until her husband became the candidate for President?

Are you proud of such a self-absorbed, arrogant, hypocrite as your First Lady?

Her statement pops into my mind on days like this. I was shocked as I first heard such a tone deaf statement come from the mouth of a woman of privilege. Yes, privilege, even before she was in her current position. She grew up in a home in Chicago where her father worked for the City of Chicago, so he didn't have to worry about employment. She may have had a "humble" upbringing but she didn't go to bed hungry or on the streets. She was best friends with a daughter of Jesse Jackson, so she was politically connected. She received scholarships to obtain an Ivy League education. She went to law school. She landed a good job in Chicago. She became the wife of a State Senator, then U.S. Senator. While she enjoys talking about shopping at Target and J.Crew, she long ago stopped being 'ordinary', and certainly no victim.

Do you think today, as she celebrates the birthday of her older daughter at Camp David with other members of her immediate family tagging along, she feels any remorse for her utterly stupid remark on the campaign trail?

Or is it because she grew up in the church of Reverend Wright and the Black Liberation philosophy that claims she is still a victim of the white man in our country? Is this upbringing the root of her inability to appreciate the greatness of our country and the price paid by so many for our greatness?

On July 1, 1776 in Philadelphia a debate began on the final language of the Declaration of Independence. John Adams led the charge that the time was upon them to stake out independence from England. The debate lasted 9 hours. It was agreed a final vote would be taken the following morning. As the British fleet approached New York, a quick vote was taken on July 2 and the language was set.

The document was printed. The final signing was set for the next month. Contrary to popular thought, the Declaration of Independence was not signed by the majority until later in August. John Hancock and Charles Thompson did sign it when it was printed, before the others.

Both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Adams last words are reported to have been, "Thomas Jefferson still lives", though, in fact, Jefferson had died earlier in the day.

I do not understand Americans who do not feel pride in our country. I do not understand politicians who feel the need to go overseas and 'apologize' for our country's actions of the past. And, I certainly do not understand a sitting President of the United States who bows to the Saudi King as he greets him.

The irony is that those whining the loudest are so blind to the fact that this is the only country on earth where such opportunity exists, no matter who you are or where you come from.

Our Founding Fathers would be so disappointed.


Beverly said...

I don't get it either, Karen.

srp said...

Am I proud of the First Lady... NO.
Am I proud of Obama... Absolutely not!

Anonymous said...

I think Michelle Obama as well as Barack Obama have some serious emotional issues that have never been resolved due to their early political/religious/home environment. Solving a problem for them, amounts to the use of money rather than resources from within oneself. They both are the center of their own universe and fail to see or understand how others including white people managed to rise above circumstances which were much more complicated than what Michelle Obama or Barack Obama ever experienced. I think Michelle Obama will spend her entire lifetime lamenting about "Poor Me" and no amount of travel, money, or fame will ever change her approach to life or her negative attitude.

lormarie said...

"Are you proud of such a self-absorbed, arrogant, hypocrite as your First Lady?"

I am VERY proud that she's the first lady. I'm not ashamed to admit that I was never a patriot until I became an adult.

Anonymous said...

I am very proud of Michelle Obama. People are purposely twisting around her words regarding being proud. Some people will frown on this but I compare the genocide of Jewish people to what happened to African Americans and how they've been oppressed. When you put yourself in the shoes of people different than you only then can you understand the struggle and then the pride. There were many, black and white, who said America wasn't ready nor would it ever elect a black man. Now try and understand the pride when seeing your county really trying to move past race. Do you understand now, America?