Friday, July 10, 2009

What Will Malia Wear to Meet the Pope? And Other Nonsense

The family Obama, not so keen at displaying acts of class and dignity, seem to be ushering in the next generation of malcontents. First Daughter, Malia, made international headlines as she sported a t-shirt design of a big ole peace symbol while strolling the streets of Rome. The t-shirt, plain but for the huge black Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament symbol was obviously worn because of the design. Nothing but the huge symbol. No funky tie dyed Woodstocky peace signs, no peace signs of pink or girly colors. Nope. Just a big ole stark black peace sign.

And, I don't think it is Malia's nod to the 40th anniversary of Woodstock.

Maybe her mother, the second coming of Jackie Kennedy ( who didn't brag of shopping at Target or J. Crew), can give the girl some tips. The day before it was the tidbit that Sasha wore a trench coat while touring Moscow. How edgy! But age appropriate and cute.

It's a reminder of the days of Amy Carter in the White House. Wonder what Malia will wear to meet the Pope with her family? Now, remember - the family is off limits. Except when they are deliberately used as props.

The next generation of Obamas doesn't quite get what should be done as overseas protocol or decorum, being raised by their parents and grandmother after all.

To say that the G8 has been a standard waste of time would be accurate. What came out of it? A non-binding agreement for reducing carbon emissions by the year 2050 that doesn't include China and India. A to-be-drawn-up-later agreement with Russia on nuclear weapons. Maybe. A speaking opportunity for Obama to parrot the line that global warming is settled science, even as the number grows of scientists disputing a large part of the premises of the 'settled' science. It is beginning to go the path of Kyoto. And, for the kicker, Obama arrives late for the G8 final photo with the other leaders. Nothing but class.

Don't misunderstand, I think summits like the G8 has their place. It is good for everyone to come together in a more relaxed environment and chew the fat. But to think that any real progress on issues at hand is the outcome is folly. Remember how President Bush was mocked because he didn't take the summits for anything more serious? Now today Obama says there are too many summits and they can be streamlined. Suddenly that is a refreshing idea!

Obama needs to figure out if he is Jimmy Carter or George W. Bush. He has already gone the way of Bill Clinton on the matter of grace - besides habitual tardiness, he missed an opportunity to shake the outstretched hand of Berlusconi, his host, and the cameras caught that. As the cameras caught Obama eyeing the behind of a young brunette woman as Sarkozy looked on, quite amused.

On the home front, the administration announced the web site tasked with tracking the economy recovery efforts will be re-vamped to the tune of $18 million. The web design group chosen, Smartronix, touts no web design experience on their own site. Maybe it is just a coincidence that the company is a big contributor of House Majority Whip, Steny Hoyer.

All this change and transparency is great, isn't it?

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srp said...

I didn't watch... but Mrs. Obama will have to wear something with sleeves in it. When we went to Rome and in many of the cathedrals, women had to have some covering of their upper arms... and they had beautiful silk shawls that you could use if you had on a sleeveless dress. Nyssa had a wide sleeveless tank, not skinny straps but wide ones and they asked her to wear one. So when we went to St. Peters we knew, and she wore a simple skirt and a shirt with sleeves... no problem.

I've always thought of these summits as simple mutual admiration societies.... but no substance. Now, Obama has made it worse... there he goes again (in a Reagan voice).. apologizing for the US. Please do NOT apologize for my country that you (Obama) are supposed to be the leader of.... the US has done more for emerging economies, rebuilding countries after war, providing institutions of higher learning for foreigners to study, sending food and raising money for impoverished countries, supplying aid to disaster victims and coming to the aid of those countries being invaded by tyrants.... NO OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH HAS DONE MORE FOR SO MANY! NO APOLOGIES NEEDED! Of course, it would be perfectly fine to accept an apology from them.... yes, like that will come before Hades freezes over.