Friday, October 26, 2012

C Club of Houston Supports Fiscal Conservatives

Here is something to watch before you head out to vote, Harris County voters:

The C Club, a bi-partisan conservative group of Harris County business leaders, promotes candidates in local races who will carry the torch of fiscal conservatism. From the website:

The “C” Club's non-partisan support of political candidates is heavily based upon, but not limited to, the candidate's support of conservative fiscal policies; and, the preservation of our communities and the promotion of a strong economy. Founded in 1964, the “C” Club PAC is composed of 100 fiscally conservative Houston business and professional members who make a continuous study of local, Texas government. Each year the “C” Club PAC strives to evaluate each candidate in the races for the City of Houston and Harris County. In particular, the “C” Club focuses on the Justices and Judges seeking out the best candidate to promote conservative values.

Go to the website and look at the club's endorsements as you head out to early vote. Help protect Harris County from actions which harm our way of life.

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