Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Time To Vote, America

As a superstitious person, I hesitate to allow myself to be too optimistic about the pending returns from this presidential race. Only six days out from election day as I type this, it would appear that a tide has turned and Mitt Romney has the wind at his back. Recent signs from news reports indicate this may well be a very good year for the Republicans when all the votes are tallied. From both liberal and conservative sources, the message from voters is sounding more and more the same.

  Regardless of the forum, voters are relating the same concerns and expressing the same disappointment with the state of our country. I enjoy listening to a radio program on NPR broadcast locally during the noon hour. If I am in my car running errands or picking up lunch, I have it on. The host is even and the participants weigh in on the day's most talked about issues from around the world. Based in London, "World Have Your Say" frequently the show will travel to broadcast from the road. Recently the show has been broadcasting from various locales in America, given the upcoming election.

  Make no mistake, this is a politically liberal radio show. It's the BBC, after all. Liberal voices usually outweigh conservatives. Monday's show, however, was surprising in that the guests were all voicing the same opinion. During the time I tuned in - not the entire show - I listened to small business owners and community leaders from Scranton, PA - the vice president's hometown - and they were not sounding as though they would be casting votes for Barack Obama. Each person said essentially the same - that they were unclear as to where the economy was heading and the uncertainty was a jobs killer and not helpful to entrepreneurs. Obamacare and the mandates it will bring beginning in 2013 will not allow small businesses to expand and the onset of ever increasing regulations are killing fragile businesses.

  The fact that all the voices were on the same page was surprising.

  Then, Tuesday night I listened as an executive in the White Castle hamburger organization spoke about the economy. White Castle is a family owned business with over 10,000 employees in several states. Clearly this man was not going to be voting for Barack Obama. Though measured and professional in his answers to questions, he articulated displeasure with the increase in the estate tax percentage, for instance, advocated by Team Obama. As a family owned business, an increased estate tax is a burden that affects future growth. The program was a conservative leaning one and the floundering economic recovery of our country is a frequent topic. This interview was conducted in a Midwestern state.

  Both sides of the political aisle are coming together and sounding very much alike. Economic concerns - especially in the business world - transcend political ideology in this election. It is time for new leadership.

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