Friday, November 09, 2012

Obama Addresses Fiscal Cliff in Deep Denial

President Obama addressed staff and friends in the East Room Friday morning, claiming to have a mandate for raising taxes and continuing on with his big spending ways. It was an exercise in denial.  The man is in denial of the real election results.  Clearly the American voters went with the comfortable status quo and against real change this time around.  President Obama was the candidate of status quo in 2012 and Mitt Romney was the candidate promising change.

We are a nervous people, we Americans.  Our economic recovery from the Big Recession has been spotty at best, excruciatingly slow at worst. Nervous people stay with what they know, as a defensive move. The re-election of the incumbent was the more comfortable move than to go with a new guy and not know exactly what he would bring.

Obama, as his true narcissist self, spoke as though he is still the Messiah we are to believe he is. 

President Barack Obama, laying down his marker for grueling "fiscal cliff" negotiations, said Friday he won't accept any approach to federal deficit reduction that doesn't ask the wealthy to pay more in taxes.
"This was a central question during the election," Obama said in his first postelection comments on the economy. "The majority of Americans agree with my approach."
Following up, Obama's spokesman said later that the president would veto any legislation extending tax cuts for families making $250,000 or more.
The president, speaking in the White House East Room, said he wasn't wedded to every detail of the plans he outlined during the election, adding, "I'm open to compromise." But he offered no indication that he was willing to back down.
He neglected to mention that he has already raised taxes on the middle class and will continue to do so as Obamacare comes into play.  He neglected to say that he robbed $800 million from Medicare to pay for Obamacare, as he tweaked his opponent in the recent election.  He neglected to mention all the failures and loss of taxpayer monies brought about by his insistence of personally choosing winners and losers as he spreads around 'stimulus' money to try to produce jobs.

Despite absolutely no record of listening to others and taking advice outside his inner circle and despite no record of working with the GOP, today again Obama tried to sound like the guy who would do all of that in his second term.  He also spoke of creating more jobs for military veterans, which is ironic as he did all he could to suppress the military vote this cycle.  The military was strongly favorable to Mitt Romney, as polls showed.

I strongly urge you to read "The Price of Politics" by Bob Woodward, if you have not done so already.  It will open your eyes to the behind the scenes negotiations during the last drama of the fiscal cliff facing Congress and how Team Obama botched it all up.  There is no indication that anything has changed to stop the same train wreck this time around.

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SoulStraw3 said...

Impeach him for what? Because you don't like him?
Awww...Jean, you poor lazy person who refused to learn what a 3rd grader knows. Impeachment isn't a response to doing something you don't like. It has a process, and one must commit a felony. How used your brain almost.

Besides Anyone who calls for Obama's impeachment IS in fact a racist!

Why isn't the FBI or the Justice Department investigating the widespread voter fraud that enabled Barack Obama to win the 2012 election? The simple answer is because there is nothing to investigate. Searching for something that does not exist is a waste of taxpayer money and a pointless exercise in futility. The 2012 election was not a close election. President Obama soundly defeated Mitt Romney 332-206 electoral votes and by a popular vote margin of 50.8-47.5 percent. Yet, the myth that widespread voter fraud swung the election for Obama continues to persist on Right wing web sites and blogs. These myths are usually divorced from the facts altogether or grounded in baseless speculation.

President Barack Obama was re-elected with some common sense voting.

Nonetheless, only a few politicians seem demonstrably off from narcissism Sorry, GOPers, Obama ain’t one of them. Only racists call Obama a narcissist!

Why did Obama win?!?!? Here's why!

It wasn't because of gifts. It wasn't because of making Mitt Romney unacceptable, it wasn't about biography, it wasn't Hurricane Sandy, it wasn't because of strategy.
It was because after four years of saying that the President of the United States was a socialist, Nazi, terrorist, Kenyan traitor who was destroying the country, Republicans living in their bubble had pushed their party so far to the right that they believed their own story. And the rest of America saw reality differently.

Meanwhil, you wanna know who DEFINITELY is a "scoamf"? Mitt Romney. The RNC. Not Obama!

Obviously you're not an American. Most of the comments here talk about how much they love the USA in the same breath as how much they hate our president and all who voted for him
those that call him a traitor are indeed misguided. He is not the traitor, you scumbags are the real traitors and the real disgrace to America!

He has a mandate and was elected in a landslide. Even the GOP is coming to realize that. ;)