Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Senators Meet With Ambassador Rice

I read this on Twitter from Senator Lindsey Graham: :
"We are going to get to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi."  I guess he didn't get the memo that the lapdog media and liberal talking heads think that the cover-up over the Benghazi terrorist attacks is just a Republican political game being played against Barack Obama and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice because we're racist misogynists who didn't want Obama to be re-elected to a second term.

Got that? Just move along already. There is nothing here.

Let's re-cap, shall we? On September 11, 2012, two separate attacks were carried out by terrorists in Benghazi, Libya - first against the American consulate and then against a building used by the CIA.  Our American ambassador and one of his staffers was killed in the consulate attack.  Two Marines were killed in the second building's attack.  Ambassador Stevens was the first American ambassador killed in several decades. Since this was so close to the American presidential election, the lapdogs in the mainstream media decided that this really wasn't a story that would be relevant to the president's re-election, thus it wasn't really a story worthy of investigation.  Only one cable news channel - Fox News Channel - bothered to investigate the glaring cover-up at play.  The lapdogs in the mainstream media and the liberal talking heads enjoy perpetuating that Fox is just a wing of the Republican National Committee because all sides of arguments are heard on that channel so Fox is easily dismissed.

Turns out Fox is to be credited with keeping the story alive. Along with writer Eli Lake, a contributor to The Daily Beast, some disturbing facts are coming forth on a regular basis. The Obama administration continues to stonewall on producing documents to the Senate and House committees holding hearings. Oh, did you fall for that whole "most transparent administration ever" nonsense from Team Obama? Sucker.

Ambassador Susan Rice is in quite a tangled web.  She is on tape promoting the administration's line that the terrorist attacks were all brought on by a crazy Internet video seen by no one, much less the Muslims in Libya who carried out the attacks.  We still don't even know why it was Rice who appeared on  five, count 'em, five Sunday morning shows parroting this theory.  Why wasn't it Secretary of State Clinton?  Why wasn't it President Obama himself?  I think we know why.  Rice agreed to be the fall person for this mess by agreeing to be the spokeswoman.

So, three Republican senators have come forward as the faces and voices of Americans demanding answers.  Senator Graham, Senator McCain and Senator Ayotte are to be commended for their efforts.  President Obama was counting on promoting the theory that al-Queda was vanquishing due to his stewardship of the War on Terror - now called an Overseas Contingency Plan.  Those four Americans murdered by men claiming allegiance to al-Queda is an embarrassment to Barack Obama's grand brag.

Rice is to be considered for promotion as Hillary Clinton is leaving the Obama administration.  She will have to get voted out of the Senate committee first, though, to receive a vote on the floor of the Senate.  She agreed to meet with Graham, McCain and Ayotte Tuesday morning to address their concerns.  Afterwards, none of the three senators were any closer to a warm and fuzzy feeling about the whole thing. Seems they were, in fact, even more concerned.

McCain:  “Senator Graham and I and Senator Ayotte had a very candid discussion with Ambassador Rice and with the deputy director of the CIA. We are significantly troubled by many of the answers that we got and some that we didn’t get, considering evidence that was overwhelming leading up to the attack on our consulate, the tragic death — deaths of four brave Americans, and whether Ambassador Rice was prepared or informed sufficiently in order to give the American people a correct depiction of the events that took place.”
Graham: ”Bottom line, I’m more concerned now than I was before that the 16 September explanation [by Ambassador Rice] about how four Americans died in Benghazi, Libya… I think [her explanation] does not do justice to the reality at the time, and in hindsight clearly was completely wrong. … All I can say is that the concerns I have are greater today than they were before, and we’re not even close to getting the basic answers.”
Ayotte:  “I want to say that I’m more troubled today… because it’s certainly clear from the beginning that we knew that those with ties to al-Qaeda were involved in the attack on the embassy. And clearly, the impression that was given — the information given to the American people was wrong.”
So, there you have it.  
Yesterday, on Fox News Channel, military "expert" Tom Ricks was able to lob a liberal attack on the channel as he was being interviewed.  He claimed that Fox News Channel was the only outlet all ramped up about the story and that it was solely for political reasons. He enjoyed saying that FNC is an arm of the RNC.  For an alleged expert, he such is sounding like a simpleton.
Since the investigation begun by FNC has produced such an unseemly story, and since the families of the dead are still waiting for answers, some of the other outlets in the lapdog media have been forced to do the occasional  story on the Benghazi attacks.
The story has now evolved that the blame must be placed on the intelligence community.  Odd. During the George W. Bush administrations, that excuse was not acceptable to the leftists suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome. 
As a way to diminish the importance of speaking up, the lapdogs are on the attack with bared teeth on the three senators in the forefront - even referred to as The Three Amigos. Classy, right? The usual scenario has developed - the truth seekers are motivated by racism and misogyny. It is so predictably sad, really. Equal opportunity in the workplace means equal accountability. It's not racist to demand accountability of anyone in the workplace, especially one on the taxpayer's payroll.


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