Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Democrats Applaud Perry Announcement

Texas Governor Rick Perry will not seek re-election, as he announced Monday in San Antonio, and the social media in the Democrat world is all excited. Lots of fundraising letters and declarations that Texas will be the land o' Democrats in no time commenced to fill email inboxes and Twitter timelines and Facebook status updates.

Clearly even the Democrats who have moved to Texas recently to do the bidding of Team Obama and the DNC in Washington, D.C. understand that as long as Rick Perry was in the picture he would be the victor at the ballot box. 

Of course there is this one by Jenn Brown, Battleground Texas Executive Director, who declares to know "Texas values" though she is not a Texan and has only lived here a brief time herself. It is her job to "turn Texas blue" with the help of other Team Obama folks. 

The Republican party needs to know that voters are tired of being taken for granted and will hold elected officials accountable for their extremist views. It’s time to have a real discussion about the issues that matter most, instead of defaulting to the status-quo extremism that does not reflect the values of most Texans.
Funny. A Democrat speaking about a politician "taking for granted" any voters, considering that is what they are guilty of, especially when it comes to black voters and women, too. 

The Texas Democratic Party has a page on their website for contributions in the name of "Act Blue".

Democrats in the state are pinning their hopes of future electoral wins to State Senator Wendy Davis and her 15 minutes of national fame for filibustering in favor of third trimester abortions and stand alone abortion clinics that are not properly regulated.  Even outsiders like those writing for Politico understand that this is probably not a winning strategy.

Democrats are gearing up to spend millions of dollars to “turn Texas blue” by bringing in a new generation of Latino voters.So when an abortion fight flared in Austin this summer, it seemed the stars had aligned — liberals had a hot-button cause to galvanize new supporters who just might stick around for the long haul.There’s just one problem: Latinos as a group oppose abortion more strongly than most other voting groups.
Those hoping to turn Texas blue are not concerned about Texas values.  They are only here to fund raise for their own organizations, whether it is union involvement, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, or the Texas Democratic Party.  Traditionally it is the Democratic party that pushes for more regulations in any industry, not less or status quo.  In this case, instead of speaking the truth on the bill before the Texas legislature, the talking point is that Republicans want to outlaw abortion in Texas. The truth is that in the last session, the Legislature increased state funding by $179 million dollars for women’s health 
services including annual visits, preventative screening, and contraceptives. 

Oh, that fact isn't being presented in the debate on the left?  Imagine that.

This is legitimately a safety issue for a pregnant woman seeking a surgical procedure - as is the case in third trimester abortion.  It is right that those who demand government be involved in every aspect of our lives also demand reasonable safety regulations for women to avoid more stories of butchers like Gosnell.  

There is big money in the abortion business.  Isn't it reasonable to expect those profiting from it to put some of that money back into the facilities to maintain stronger regulations?  Isn't it reasonable to expect to have a surgical procedure performed by a licensed doctor able to meet requirements of a hospital or surgery center within a 30 mile radius? None of those expectations are radical or extreme.  It is basic decency and common sense.

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