Sunday, July 14, 2013

Texas Attorney General Abbott Announces Gubernatorial Bid

Thirty minutes before he appeared in San Antonio Sunday afternoon to officially announce his bid for Governor for the state of Texas, Attorney General Greg Abbott announced his plans on a conference call with bloggers.  Calling bloggers "communicators for the conservative voice in the state and in the nation", Abbott described bloggers as "an essential voice" and providers of a needed service in political discourse.  "I wanted you to know first", he said.

Highlighting his time in the Attorney General's office, Abbott declared that though he didn't pen the slogan, "Don't Mess with Texas", he has sued the federal government some 27 times in his five years in office - more than anyone else. Texas "must have a battle tested fighter" for governor, he said. 

Abbott wants to continue to fight for liberty against growing intrusions from the federal government, whether it is over EPA decisions or in insisting Texas law will not pass on threats to gun laws. 

Abbott stressed the need to keep taxes low, and for maintaining reasonable regulations.  He will work to keep a level playing field and not pick winners and losers among businesses.  He wants to prioritize essentials such as roads, water and schools.

Abbott wants to secure our porous border.  He pledges to enforce the rule of law.

"I am going to work tirelessly to earn every vote", he said. "Government is the servant of the people, not the other way around." 

During the question and answer portion of the conference call, he was asked about his Twitter account.  He verified that it is his personal account and that he writes his own tweets, "so you will know more about me." He says Twitter is an "interesting insight into my personality."

When questioned about the possibility of success in the near future from the turn Texas blue movement, Abbott said "it is a pressing issue I take very seriously".  He embraces demographic changes as an opportunity to bring in more conservative voters.  Noting he has been married to a Latina for some 31 years, he said the Latino community shares conservative values of faith, family and individual freedom.

Pledging to have frequent communication with bloggers and through social media in general, Abbott begins his run as the heir apparent to the governor's office. 

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