Monday, November 26, 2007

Gratuitous Whining Serves No One

Lately I have been losing patience with the injection of politics into stories where the injection just proves to be gratuitous. For example, I enjoyed a book recently, a true story of a woman's personal journey to find religion and peace. Unfortunately, the author who was otherwise a very competent writer, felt the need to inject a slur against Republicans into the conversation between herself and her sister. It seems the only thing worse than a birth defect, mental instability, or terminal disease that might afflict a child is if the child grows up to be a Republican. Yeah, it was that stupid.

Thursday last week, Thanksgiving Day, I was reading the Houston Chronicle. This headline caught my eye on page A29, "Take it to the airport and win one-way ticket to Gitmo". What do you suppose that article was about? It was an Associated Press article out of Orangeburg, N.Y. and it was a story about a new Swiss Army knife with a new record number of bells and whistles. It costs $1200 and is noted to be too large for most pockets. The headline makes no sense, does it? So, I pondered as to whom would write the headline. I contacted the 'reader's representative' at the Chronicle. That was Friday morning. I left a voicemail. Still no answer today so I did the next option, I e-mailed him. He got back to me and even though I gave him the newspaper date and headline, I had to provide the info if it was online or print. I said print. His answer was someone on the news copy desk would have written the headline. Figures.

The Houston Chronicle is known as anti-Bush, anti-war in Iraq, we were attacked because we are pigs. Same old, same old.

I read an interesting article by Donald Lambro in the Washington Times that shows a recent study proves the districts with the largest wealth concentrations, based on IRS income data, are represented by Democrats. That didn't surprise me but it is another stake into the heart of the tired old argument that the Republican party is the party of 'the rich'. And this argument will become more apparent as the terms proceed as a good number of those elected as freshmen legislators in 2006 are Democrats.

And, the Los Angeles Times would like you to know that Sandra Day O'Connor's retirement from the Supreme Court to care for her ill husband is just plain inconvenient for them. Sure, they say, it's terrible that John O'Connor is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease but since she left the Court, the liberals have lost their swing voter. Of course when Sandra Day O'Connor was placed on the Supreme Court as the first woman by Ronald Reagan, well, she was a horrible choice to their way of thinking. As she stayed on the Court, over the years, she leaned more moderate than some so she was wonderful after all for them.

Here's the article's last sentence: "It is the doubly sad tragedy of John O'Connor's Alzheimer's that he is becoming lost to his wife, and that she has been lost to us." Can these whining fools get any more selfish?

Recently it was disclosed by Justice O'Connor that her husband has developed a relationship with another woman in the nursing home where he lives now. He says he is in love with her and Justice O'Connor says she accepts this development. She knows the working of his mind has changed with the disease and she has little choice than to accept his behavior and insure that he is as comfortable as possible. What a strong woman. It makes the LA Times' whining opinion piece all the more obnoxious. Let the woman live in peace, for heavens sake.


Paul is a Hermit said...

The Left's Creed is, What Have You Done For Me Today?
Like little spoiled children denied, they are quick to strike out at friends, even a pal like O'Conner. It shows what little regard they have for compassion when it stalls getting what they want.
Your stories also show their high regard for anonymity when attacking obliquely or supporting their nation's defeat. Nothing like being safe while doing it.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

His answer was someone on the news copy desk would have written the headline. Figures.

I'm guessing he's telling the truth, as I believe someone else is assigned to write headline blurbs. Some headline captions simply don't jive at all with the contents.

a recent study proves the districts with the largest wealth concentrations, based on IRS income data, are represented by Democrats.
Michael Medved talked today about this topic today. I also had a recent article saved, that I was going to blog on.

Michael said...

I can't believe that took shots at a woman who's dealing with Alzheimer's in a loved one.

That's just cheap.

Kris, in New England said...

"Eat. Pray. Love." - fantastic book but I too had the same reaction to the political commentary. Why bother? It's not a book about politics, it's a book about a personal journey that had nothing to do with politics.

The effects of BDS, in writing. Poor souls - if they weren't so horrifyingly wrong about most everything, I could almost feel sorry for them.


wordnerd said...

That's what drives me crazy -- injecting politics where there's no real need. I'd grown used to it in movies, but in books as well? Bravo to you for trying to get to the source of the headline and demand some accountability.

As for their treatment of Justice O'Conner's situation? Please. You're assuming those guys have a soul.