Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hillary's Network

Holy cow. The CNN Dem Debate just looks worse and worse, the more sunshine is shined on the event. First we have the student questioner claiming to be a plant for the stupid pearls or diamonds question. And, by the way, why are all these planted people agreeing to be planted people in the first place? Have they no minds of their own?

Today while reading a daily favorite, blogger Rick over at Rightwing Nuthouse, the story continues. We already heard yesterday that CNN insisted on screening and approving all questions to be asked. We heard that the Clintonistas were told to loudly boo Obama and Edwards if it seemed they were challenging Hillary. Rick mentions that fact that of the 1,000 tickets made available to UNLV, the site of the debate, only 100 went to students, who by common theory are predisposed to be supportive of Obama and Edwards. The facility and staff, however, Hillary fans, were given the lion's share of the tickets. The other 1,000 tickets went to the Nevada Democrat Party.

Seems a couple of the 'average' people, the questioners, were not so 'average' after all. One man asked a question after declaring he is profiled all the time after 9/11 and thinks his civil rights have been taken away by the evil Bush administration and the Patriot Act. Turns out he is the President of the Islamic Society of Nevada and has been a guest on CNN shows during their whines about the evil Patriot Act. Wolf Blitzer, head cheerleader for Hillary, didn't bother to say who Khalid Khan is or that he has been a CNN guest talker before. And, of course, no one bothered to challenge his lack of understanding of the Patriot Act. The Dems are, after all, still the party of victimhood and count on those voters.

The other 'average' questioner has been identified as La Shannon Spencer, the former Arkansas Democrats Director of Political Affairs in 2003. Probably just an innocent oversight.

And, during the post debate analysis, James Carville was never identified as a Clintonista either. Sure, most people interested in politics know who he is but still, common ethics would determine that he be identified as a Clinton team leader.

Now, explain to me again about the awful bias on Fox News Channel and how they tout candidates? CNN is so 'worldly' and so very sophisticated. They'd never outright push one particular candidate for the office of President, would they? This blatant rigging of a debate may backfire a bit on their beloved Hillary, though. Americans don't like to be taken for fools. Americans like to make their own political decisions.

America just may not want another 8 years of Clinton drama. The lies, secrecy, Asian money scandals, Bubba abusing women while Hillary is the darling of the old feminists. Makes Hillary's Bush bashing appear almost comical, doesn't it?

Wolf Blitzer should be drummed out of the business. Shame on him.


AC said...

Sometimes I feel like I have to hold my hands tight over my head to keep from exploding! James Carille reminds me of the worms in the movie Tremors--funny on the big screen but nightmarish at an analysts desk. And those plants?!?!? sheesh. and the ticket dispersal!!! It is going to be a long long year.

Paul is a Hermit said...

Probably giving it up for an iPod. I saw a poll where about 8% of voters would give their vote for one. I think it has to be much higher than that.

I can never forget Carville, that snide, sanctimonious little, AC nailed it: Worm. Only a few humans are bigger liars and they're all Clinton cadre too.
Wolf makes me nauseous.

Jennifer said...

Wolf Blitzer is, has been and always will be a tool.

And these endless arcane debates - on both sides of the aisle - are draining me of my will to vote.

Not completely, but still.

Jennifer said...

And I forgot to add: I had the opportunity to spend a good bit of a day with James Carville in the middle of Clinton's first campaign. Say what you will about how he plies it, but like Karl Rove, the man knows his trade.

Incognito said...

But Carville's wife's vote cancels out his, right? :-)
Sadly my parents vote cancels out my vote and my sister's!

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

It's still beyond me how so many liberal Democrats still cannot perceive that networks like CNN lean left and are liberally biased; yet they have no problems seeing bias at FOX (ie, if they've bothered to see it at all, rather than just parrot what they've been told about FOX).

One of my Democrat clients is a very nice, reasonable person; yet he sees no bias with CNN, criticizes FOX for its bias, and thinks Keith Olbermann is great.

Beverly said...

Hi, Karen, just to let you know I stop by all the time. Everyone's comments are so right on, and they say it so much better than I do.

Jennifer said...

Carville's wife rules lots of things. ;-)

Jessica said...

I didn't watch the debates, got rid of cable long ago. I listened to them in between Mike Savage's commentaries on them LOL. Too funny. I found his hilarious commentary more interesting than the debate itself!

Michael said...

Karen, I watch Fox all the time (it's the best American news network I can get here in Israel, and HOT cable just dumped CNN for {gag} Al-Jazeera), and I will say this:

Fox is just as biased and partisan as CNN. They just confine it to the editorial functions, and don't cook the debates.