Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oops, He Did It Again

Hillary Clinton, she who must be obeyed, is coming to town today. She's to appear at 3, count 'em, 3, fund raisers this afternoon and evening. First up, at the Hilton Americas hotel downtown, an event hosted by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee. It's a coffee and tea reception for Hill's female supporters. "Women Making History With Hillary!" is the event theme. Don't forget the exclamation mark, ok? Admission starts at $100 donation to her national campaign. Next is the "Countdown to '08 Cocktails", an evening cocktail reception at the Westin Galleria hotel with admission starting at $1,000. And to finish the day's work, a $1,000 per person dessert reception at the home of Abdelkader Fustok, a surgeon and former president of the Arab-American Cultural and Community Center here. So, there you go. A little something for everyone.

I'll pass, thanks.

You'd think with the Clintons' penchant for dirty Asian money, she'd have something for herself sponsored by the local Asian community, which is quite large here.

I guess Hill won't have to worry about any pesky questions today about Bubba's stupidity. He was quickly caught in his latest revision of history. He claimed yesterday in Iowa that he was never supportive of the war in Iraq. Why does he keep doing this nonsense? Every utterance from his phony mouth has been recorded over the years and so easily brought back to remind everyone what he really said. As this latest mistake produced. Of course he supported the Iraq War. As did the missus. Now, however, with Hill's poll numbers down, especially in Iowa, he's out pandering with the best of them. Hill's staff was quick to pooh pooh the remarks, too, saying he meant he thought the weapons inspectors should have been given more time to do their work. Yeah, sure, that's what he meant. He also said he was angry that he wasn't given the opportunity to support the soldiers. What? Who kept him from that?

The fact that Clinton bemoans not being allowed to support the soldiers is rich. He has never, ever supported the soldiers of our country. While fighting his draft back in the Vietnam War days, he wrote a letter to his Arkansas senator saying he despised the military. He couldn't just ask for help with a student deferrment, he had to go off the cliff. In the White House days, Hillary insisted the military assigned to the White House not wear their uniforms in the West Wing as it made her and the staff 'uncomfortable'. They used uniformed military as waitstaff at their dinner parties. Not to mention the dismemberment of the military force and monetary allotments to keep up with equipment and weaponry. He was more than willing to sacrifice the military to put the money into other areas and help the mirage that so many thought was a booming economy under his guidance. We found out otherwise as he left office though.

And it appears the rumors that Hill is using the old Bush campaign playbook as her own now are true. I heard her tell a crowd in South Carolina that she'll be so inclusive in her administration that she'll have Republicans helping her, too. What a gal. She invoked the name of Colin Powell as an example of her future help. Considering that his reputation is completely tarnished on both sides of the aisle, I think she'll have to come up with a better example. The left hates him for his U.N. presentation leading up to the war in Iraq, the right hates him for allowing Armitage to betray the administration in the Scooter Libby case and for publicly criticising Bush over the war.

Hey, Lincoln Chaffee's available, Hillary.


heidianne jackson said...

great post karen. i think bill does it because he believes (rightly?) that the msm will protect him from his historical utterings. it's up to we in the blogosphere to keep correcting the idiots.

AC said...

I am just amazed at the stuff that BC says. Amazed! It would be funny except....he seems to just get by with it. I am still stunned by the fact that Hil'ry got by with that phony southern accent, where she's "no ways tahrred".

Ah'm tahrred.
Actually I really am. Headachy too. blech.

Great post as always.

Anonymous said...

"Hillary Clinton, she who must be obeyed"

Rumpole the Bailey reference. Cool.

And I'm sure there are plenty of RINO's who would jump at the chance to work for her. Maybe Rudy? ;)

Conservative Belle said...

"Women Making History With Hillary!"

Is this a class on how to shred documents before major investigations? Or how to hire campaign consultants who also steal documents from the National Archives? Oh wait. It must be how to rewrite history, like Bubba just did in his most recent gaffe.

I hate she is even welcomed there.