Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some Advice For Sarah Palin

A bit of unsolicited advice for Governor Sarah Palin:

Dear Sarah;

May I call you Sarah? I think you would be ok with that. First I would like to thank you for your role in the 2008 presidential campaign. You brought an instant infusion of enthusiasm to our party's candidate's campaign. For that alone, I am grateful.

I want you to know that I was a strong supporter of your pick as VP candidate. Several months before you were chosen, I recommended that John McCain pick you as his running mate on this very blog. You had everything going for you - a fresh face; a strong woman not afraid to make reforms and question authority; a closely knit family and support system of friends; and executive experience in political office. Most importantly, you are an expert in the area of energy policy.

While I think you were terribly mishandled by the campaign - first with the cocoon around you and then throwing you out there to the wolves and wolverines - the time has come to give you a bit of advice. Here it is - stop doing interviews. Just stop.

I don't know if you have a press secretary or not but if you do, please fire that person. Whomever is booking your interviews or encouraging you to get out there and give the interviews is seriously missing the boat.

Sarah, we know you were treated disgracefully during your brief time in the spotlight. You are a conservative, successful Republican woman with an 80% approval rating so you were red meat to the media. They saw nothing wrong in the fact that hordes of reporters were dispatched to Alaska to forge through trash cans and interview anyone who would talk, including the friends of your children. They saw nothing wrong with ridiculing the experience you possess in political office, though none of the other three running had any executive experience. You were ridiculed because you attended more than one college and none of them were in the Ivy League. Never mind that Joe Biden, your opponent, was caught cheating in college and lied about his scholarships and his class standing. That's just Joe, don't ya know.

The lowest, of course, was the firestorm of lies about the baby you gave birth to just four months before hitting the campaign trail. I was barely able to speak in complete sentences as the mother of a four month old, what with the sleep deprivation and the lack of physical stamina, and there you were criss crossing the country like the marathon runner you are. And, giving speeches to huge crowds to boot.

All of the insults are well documented. Here is why I suggest you stop giving interviews - you sound like a whiner. Republicans don't like whiners. That's for Democrats. And, Republicans like those claiming to be a victim even less. That, too, is what Democrats trade on in politics. You have given some interviews and now it is time to let it go.

May I suggest you throw yourself back into being an excellent governor for your state of Alaska? Go ahead and write a book. You'll make plenty of money to care for your precious baby Trig in his later life and also some college fund money for your other kids. You'll be fine.

Study up on national and international issues, other than energy policy. You have proven to be a quick study and disarmingly charming. A positive attitude will always win out over the negative. Believe me, after four years of Joe Biden, the voter's choice of him will be a head scratcher by more than just Republicans.

Just step back, Sarah. Your points have been made. You have defended your children and your name. We have heard from you. Do not allow the media to continue to exploit your open nature. Stop feeding the trolls.

I wish you the very best, Sarah. I hope you'll be in political life for some time ahead. You bring much to the table.

Best Regards,


Nikki said...

FANTASTIC post Karen! You hit the nail on the head with this one and I agree 100%...she has been mishandled and everyone that matters knows it! She is only giving meat to those who already dislike her. I hope she reads your blog! Maybe you should email it to her and I am not kidding. I know for a fact that candidates now have staff who read the blogs to see what the pundits are saying, I suspect its because we have the best view of what appears to be going on. NICE JOB! :)N

namaste said...

karen this is EXCELLENT. i wish sarah could read this. you are so right, nobody likes a whiner. if she wants to come back in 2012 she needs to zip it quick. as usual you are eloquent and clear in your on the mark post.

i've taken an intentional break from political posting and commenting. but you brought me out of hiatus with this one. well done!

Z said...

Oh, yes, they're on her again...I saw MSNBC the other day and the woman there was slamming her "I kind of liked her, but this shows that she's become used to the limelight and doesn't want to give it up" AS IF.

Great one, karen........poor Sarah. They just couldn't stand the light.

Kris, in New England said...

Spot on!!!

Incognito said...

Great advice Karen! Especially educating herself on national and international issues... because if she's aiming for 2012, she's going to need to interview well.

she has 4 years... that should give her plenty of time.

Zabrina said...

Great post. I agree too.

Beverly said...

I hope someone sent this to her.