Thursday, January 08, 2009

Time for Serious Bush History Re-Writing

I watch BBC World News in the evening. I don't care for the uber-liberal bent to the reporting but I do like all the overseas coverage. Whether it is Europe or Africa or Asia, it's always informative. I just try to keep an editing thread running in my head as I listen to the reports.

Last night I was watching Katty Kay anchor the early evening broadcast. After the report on the Israeli battle against Hamas, I realized that the time is now for journalists to do the most stringent of re-writing history and the Bush administration. Hurry, Bush has less than two weeks left in office.

Speaking with the reporter after the story of the day's timeline in Gaza was aired, Kay said to the reporter, "Well, maybe president-elect Obama will consider the middle east peace process as a top priority. We know President Bush didn't." That's not a direct quote but it's what the woman said.

What blatant lying or just plain ignorance of the truth. Bush was the first president to call for a separate Palestinian state. Bush strongly pushed for the Jews to leave Gaza in 2005. He was the first U.S. President to call for a Palestinian state. He developed the Road Map to Peace and Secretary Rice made the area a frequent destination.

He was the first U.S. President to call for a separate Palestinian state.

While Hillary Clinton went to the region with Bill and kissed the cheek of Sula Arafat, causing a national eruption of heartburn back at home, even Bill's hyperactive last minute summit to save his presidential legacy failed. And, that was with Israel making the major concessions. As usual.

President Bush as continued with the established policy of U.S. support of Israel. This drives the left crazy. It's Israel's fault that the Palestinians launch daily rockets and grenades into their country. It's Israel's fault that suicide bombers sneak into Israel and blow themselves and innocent women and children in schools, wedding receptions and pizza joints.

It's the Palestinians fault that they continue to allow leaders to take all the money and not build a country with it. They are still a rock throwing, uneducated, brainwashed people. That is not Israel's fault.

Even anti-Bush professors like Juan Cole from the University of Michigan are beginning to acknowledge good news stories long neglected by the media in this country. Good news stories that are only possible thanks to the foreign policy decisions of the Bush administration. Good news stories that even include the fact that Syria secretly negotiates with Israel, which didn't happen before the current administration came into power.

The re-writing of history for the benefit of the Bush deranged will soon end. Facts have a way of winning out over political posturing. Katty will have a different tune to purr later in her life.


Kris, in New England said...

The only re-writing of history that will occur - and that will matter - is in about 25 years, when people finally realize that President George W. Bush was a fantastic president. Truly one of the greatest wartime presidents in our history.

Until then, whatever is said will be the same kind of crap that the BDS crowd has been spewing for the past 8 years.

Jess said...

So quickly they all forget how the US is the first to go to the aid of friends around the world. It doesn't surprise me what other nations broadcast about us...let them have their socialist cake, I like America just fine!