Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What Makes Me Happy?

Being tagged for a meme sometimes makes a person do a bit of pondering. Those are my favorite requests. So, when Liz, at Three Bright Stars included me in her chosen few I got busy.

A side note about Liz. Do you like cocoa, especially on these cold winter nights? Do you prefer to support small business entrepreneurs? Liz is a wife and mom to two young children and a former channel editor at Blog Nosh, an e-zine I contribute to now and then. She has gotten quite busy in her business venture - Spicy Cocoa. I can speak from personal experience, it is some tasty stuff. My husband and son helped me try the Spicy cocoa as well as the Sinful cocoa. Both very yummy. Spicy cocoa is warm in your mouth but not too fiery. It is stronger on the back of your throat, not all over, as you drink. The Sinful cocoa is spiced with cinnamon and delectable. You can find her product on her blog. Give yourself a treat and check it out.

The meme asks 'what makes you happy?'. Here's what I've come up with today:

1. My husband and my son.
2. The gift of decent physical health.
3. My obsession with all things political.
4. Reading. Everything from political philosophy, history, fictional sagas, cookbooks and biographies. Especially biographies. Especially biographies of historical figures.
5. Our dog and cat.
6. The realization that simple is better and less is more.
7. Discovery in the writer in me.
8. My friends and acquaintances.
9. The Internet and social networking. It's a small world out there.
10. I want for very little. I am a blessed woman and grateful.

Want to play? Feel free to do so, either in your own post or in my comment section.

Thanks, Liz.


Liz said...

Thank you for the plug, Karen! I had a great season at the Indoor Farmer's Market selling my cocoa, and look forward to hitting the Outdoor Market this summer, dates TBA. Product is in stock and ready to ship.

Also: isn't it amazing that basically similar things make people happy? There's a video podcast about it on the TED Talks - "What Positive Psychology Can Help You Become"

namaste said...

karen, every thing on your list makes me happy to. except i have two daughers.


Kris, in New England said...

Right now, at this specific point in my life - my husband makes me happy. Period.

I'm facing hip replacement surgery on February 23 (just got the date today) and he's my rock. He's made everything seem like it's OK, even if it's not.

Everything else just pales in comparison to him right now.

Beverly said...

Great post! It really does not take lots of material things to make one happy, does it.