Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another Obama Bow - To Bill Clinton

Senator Lindsay Graham referred to President Obama as "politically immature" in a recent interview. The subject was the ongoing maneuvering behind the scenes to bring together the Democrats in the House of Representatives and the Senate Democrats to allow a vote on the "compromise" made between the White House and the Senate on extending the present tax code to all income earners. Graham served in the Senate with Obama, brief those that time was for Obama, and offered his assessment of Obama's performance in office. He pointed out that Obama had very little experience with dealing with stubborn politicians from both parties and no executive experience as preparation for the job.

The sight of Barack Obama handing over the podium to Bill Clinton to booster up Democrats as he tries desperately to get a deal on the pending tax code extension was verification that he's just in over his head. It was very much a student/master kind of signal. Student of the world, Obama bows to the expertise of the master of politics Clinton as the White House press corps chomps at the bit to pick the brain of Clinton. Obama excuses himself to attend a Christmas party. He made a lame joke that he was keeping the First Lady waiting. Clinton immediately told him to scoot along - no one wants angry faced Michelle popping up.

So, Clinton hung with the guys in the press room and answered questions. They were eager to pick his brain, breaking the tedium of a typical Friday afternoon. Clinton was happy to oblige as he loves that stuff. Press Secretary Gibbs was tasked with calling an end to the impromptu bull session, which appears to be about 30 minutes later. It was Obama admitting he has lost the bully pulpit on the legislation to be voted on in the Senate, scheduled for 2:00 PM Monday afternoon.

Clinton presented common sense compromise as the way forward. He spoke of his governing with Republicans in the 1990's. He said the deal gives some to Democrats and he was happy some was given to Republicans, as their numbers significantly increase come January. He was being the grown-up in the room.

My, how times have changed. Bill Clinton, the man impeached by the House of Representatives for lying under oath to a Federal grand jury over an affair with a young woman - an intern in the White House - is now the elder sage of his party.

It must really grate Obama to have to fall back on Clinton to move his agenda through Congress. No love lost between the two, despite the ugly nonsense lobbed at Clinton during the presidential campaign, the made up charges of racism about the "first black president" and the fanboys in the press for Obama, Bill Clinton still dominates a room.

Bill Clinton stepped in and filled the vacuum of leadership created by Barack Obama.

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