Thursday, December 02, 2010

GOP Senators Send Notice To Leader Reid

It began with these remarks by Senator McConnell, Senate Minority Leader:

"It's unclear how long our friends across the aisle will continue to resist the message of the election and cling to the liberal wish list," McConnell, said. "With just a few weeks left before the end of the year, they're still clinging to the wrong priorities."

Instead of calling for votes on expiring tax codes on families and companies and a continuing resolution to keep the government running, not to mention the Defense Department budget appropriations, President Obama says the START Treaty is top priority, as well as every social program and experiment possible. They spent time passing a bill on food safety on Tuesday. The only jobs that created was more within the government. So, the time came for the Senate Republicans to take a stand.

On Wednesday all 42 Republican senators signed off on a letter to Senate Majority Leader Reid. Warning to Reid: get the priorities right or they shut it down.

The following is a letter signed by all 42 members of the Republican Caucus that was delivered to Senator Harry Reid earlier today. The letter states “we write to inform you that we will not agree to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed to any legislative item until the Senate has acted to fund the government and we have prevented the tax increase that is currently awaiting all American taxpayers. With little time left in this Congressional session, legislative scheduling should be focused on these critical priorities.”

Priorities Letter 12-1-10

While the GOP minority can hold up business during this really lame duck session, it will not be able to shut down a vote on the START Treaty, as it falls under different Senate rules. This letter simply demands that the truly necessary and common sense business be done ahead of the social issues agenda of the Democrats, who know the political landscape and their heavy handed approach to legislating will come to an end with the swearing in of the new Congress.

Democrats still haven't fully processed and accepted the shellacking that took place on November 2. The majority of American votes went to polling places and voted a loud 'no' to the continued agenda of the far left in Washington. The GOP in the Senate would like them to know the change America demands is not the kind the Democrats have brought so far. And, best of all, they are united.

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