Friday, December 31, 2010

Some Book Suggestions for New Year's Reading

Some end of the year book recommendations are presented. These are books I read in recent weeks so they are fresh on my mind.

I don't read much fiction but there is one recommendation I will make with enthusiasm:
"Eighteen Acres" by Nicolle Wallace

This book is fun to read, a quick read because you won't want to put it down until the end, and it is full of snark. Good snarky tidbits that are obviously taken from Wallace's time in the Bush administration run rampant throughout the book. Some characters are easy to decipher as to whom they were patterned.

My favorite genre is memoirs:

"Spoken from the Heart" by Laura Bush

A true class act, Laura Bush speaks directly and firmly gentle in describing her incredibly unique life story. She includes wonderfully descriptive recollections of growing up in west Texas, of pursuing her educational and personal life as a young adult, and of her married life to George W. Bush. Her White House years are featured prominantly and include details of her work as First Lady. She brings a whammy or two to a journalist or two who stood out in not a good way while covering her time in Washington. She speaks to misperceptions taken as gospel truth to the Washington crowd.

"A Memoir Of My Exraordinary, Ordinary Family and Me" by Condoleezza Rice

This is Rice's story from birth to the year 2000, when she joined the incoming Bush administration. Her follow up book to this first one will be her years in the Bush administration.

From the business world:

"The Devil's Casino" by Vicky Ward

The story of the players in the Lehman Brothers saga. The author, a contributor to Vanity Fair magazine, writes with an insider's point of view about life in the investment company.

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