Monday, August 28, 2006

Second Attempt

For some reason Blogger was acting up this morning as I was attempting to post my blogging. I hate it when that happens. Sometimes it will show up later, magically, but not this time it seems.

Hubby was off to the office this morning feeling back to normal after catching up on eating real meals over the weekend. He received an e-mail from a company in Hong Kong about some consulting needs they have and after answering them he was off. He was expecting the arrival of Abu Danny today. He and another engineer will train Abu Danny for a few days. Hubby knows him from his trip to Iraq in 2003 just before the war began. The citizens were more tense than usual with the war on the horizon so it was especially gracious of Abu Danny to extend his hand in personal friendship outside of professional friendship. He was taking a risk, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. He invited hubby to a birthday party and dinner for his child and hubby experienced a little of an Iraqi's life. Abu Danny is a Christian, not a Muslim and among the minority in the country. It will be interesting to hear from him how things are on the ground in Baghdad, where he still lives. I get an American perspective from my friend's husband there who is working, non-military, around Baghdad so this will undoubtedly be a different perspective.

Looks like we will escape Hurricane Ernesto but I'm thinking of folks in Florida and up the south east coast. Just Friday the forecasters (guessers) were predicting it would come our way. My supplies are in the pantry and we are about as ready as we get for the rest of the season. This year we have a generator. That was a big purchase after our scare over Hurricane Rita last year.

Preparing meatloaf tonight. I have a craving for it. I put cheese in the middle of it and it is so yummy. Tonight I'm using a 4 cheese blend, Mexican style. That and some baked potatoes and broccoli and rolls and we're talking good.


aka_Meritt said...

Ahhh to be a fly on the wall at Abu Danny's party! :)

srp said...

I have a craving for something.... actually anything right now. In fact, I must head for the kitchen.

I do hope we get at least a little rain out of this storm. It has been really, really dry and my pumpkins need the water.

Beverly said...

I thought we were going to miss the brunt of the storm, but it may come our way anyway.

Our particular area of Florida seems to miss direct hits. I'm hoping to travel on Friday to see the new granddaughter, so I'm hoping that it falls apart.

thomas said...

The Pandering Penguin. What an appropriate name.