Monday, March 12, 2007

Pam Hess Reporter for Iraq

She sums it up really well.


AC said...

Wow. There is no doubting her sincerity and professionalism.

Can you imagine someone's head being put on a stake in America, in a town square - REALLY put on a stake?! She is right in saying Americans do not understand the savagery of the *professionally evil*. I know it happens yet cannot truly believe it happens myself.

Case in point, Jenny is in Philadelphia for spring break and while she is having a marvelous time, is surprised at the rudeness of shopkeepers and even people on the street compared to down here. She is SHOCKED when someone speaks shortly to her! Contrast that with what greets the Iraqi people each day on their streets or in their homes (like the story of the young boy being shot in the face in his own doorway while his father fetched water for the gunmen.)

On the other hand, I am glad beyond all glads that THAT is all she has to deal with.

Thanks for sharing this gem, Karen. It was quite something to listen to, and from UPI and CNN too!

Wordnerd said...

Incredible. Thanks for sharing this -- I might never have seen it, given that the media doesn't want to spend a whole lot of time on this angle.

Paul is a Hermit said...

I hope she doesn't get fired for being honest. It's good she felt able to speak her mind, still.
It's a shame to say that I think she shows great courage in her own land.

Beverly said...

It's about saving humans. Wow. Thanks. I often do not watch the news. That is a powerful interview. I'm glad he let her talk.