Monday, March 26, 2007

Senator Webb is Packing Heat!

A breaking story that amused me is the one of Senator Webb's aide being held by Capitol Police for carrying the senator's loaded gun into the Senate building in a briefcase. Can you imagine if it was a Republican doing that? Not long ago the Roanoke Times ran a list of all concealed weapon permitted citizens in the state complete with their addresses, if memory serves, even though the editor knew some of the information was no longer valid. It was Sunshine Week and the reporter doing the hit piece wanted to use the purpose of the week, to spotlight public records and their access to citizens, for his own agenda. Shocking, I know. Wonder if Senator Webb appeared on the list. If not, why not. The aide was charged with carrying a pistol without a license, possessing an unregistered firearm and unregistered ammunition. Well, now. Let's see if this makes headlines anywhere.

To do a little follow up on my previous post, yes, there were some truly vile comments on some liberal websites concerning Tony Snow's medical procedures today. For such peace loving, compassionate, feel good folks, they sure are vile.

What I saw of the 60 minutes interview with John and Elizabeth Edwards truly irritated me. Katie Couric resorted to using the faux journalistic technique of 'some say' and 'some wonder' in prefacing her questions. Who are 'some' anyway? It's Katie, of course. She was badgering over and over these two people over his decision, her decision, to continue on the campaign trail. Too bad they didn't ask her why she didn't give up her career and tend solely to her husband and young children when her husband was diagnosed and dying of colon cancer. Her children were even younger than the two youngest Edwards children. Hypocrisy? Projection? You decide.

Whatever you do, do not tell my husband about this item on E-Bay: a studioflat in the small town of Hinckley in Leicestershire decorated by the interior designer/Star Trek fan owner as the interiors of the Enterprise and Voyager starships. And I thought my husband was a freak about Star Trek. This guy, Tony Alleyne, separated in 1995 from his wife and decided to have his way in his own place. It doesn't have a bedroom, though is does have a transporter room. It can be yours for $200,000 US.


Beverly said...

I saw that flat on TV...pretty neat. One of David's friends is in charge of nuclear medicine at one of our local hospitals. I went one day for a scan, and when I entered the room, it was just like that. He was a real Trekkie and had decorated the room accordingly. Sort of fun...

srp said...

Well, Webb's story must have been blacked out here... I've heard none of it... and my mom has the news on 24 hours a day it seems. Actually, I'm not too surprised that it is blacked out here. The northern part of Virginia and the western part around Roanoke are the dense liberal Democratic areas. Here in Hampton Roads, it is quite conservative.

colleen said...

Webb definately has a wild streak. It's the ScotsIrish in him. I hadn't heard it either.

I think some people enter the race to change the dialouge and I think the Edwards can do that and add some positiveness to it.

AC said...

I heard that Katie Couric spot on Laura Ingraham. I was grinding my teeth as well, just like you said.

I am so sorry to hear today about Tony Snow's cancer in his liver. I have not seen the vile comments but can certainly guess. What will Rosie say?

Didn't that Webb go ballistic (heheh) on Bush at some meeting or dinner recently? I seem to remember some bizarre story but only vaguely.