Monday, March 05, 2007


I enjoyed my break from the land o'computers over the weekend. My guys were participating in their Boy Scout troop camp out and working on a fellow scout's Eagle project so Max and Oreo and I had the place to ourselves from Friday evening to Sunday noon. We enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Have you heard of Hannah Montana and the Cheetah Girls? If you live with a pre-teen girl you probably have. I don't so I hadn't. These girls now hold the record for selling out a live music show in a shortest amount of time for the Houston Rodeo. Their show was last night and unfortunately some of the arena's speakers went out during the performance. Lots of disappointed young girls. Lots of ticked off parents for spending all that money and not stellar results in that section. I heard the t-shirts were selling for $30.

The speakers I noticed yesterday were Senators Obama and Clinton speaking during the Selma Alabama Voting Rights March Commemoration in the Brown Chapel AME Church. Lots of political speechifying in a church again. Obama was introduced as the next president of the United States. All kinds of politicians in the show. I didn't see Dr. Condi Rice, Secretary of State as an invited guest, though. Her parents were active in the Civil Rights movement in Birmingham. Must have just been an oversight.

Bill Clinton received induction into the Civil Rights whatever in a later gathering where Hillary spoke. I am always amused when Bill is held up in such high esteem in the black community. What did he ever do for black Americans? Take their votes for granted? None of his upper eschelon in his administration were black Americans. He was good at the fake lower lip bite and Hillary is good at the fake Southern accent when she speaks below the Mason Dixon line, but so what? They are the king and queen of all symbolism and no substance.

Under this president, minority home ownership is at record levels. More has been spent in education on the federal level. More aid to Africa than any other administration. Positions at the highest levels have been filled by black Americans. And women. Interesting.

Did you read or hear on a newscast about Laura Bush's visit to Biloxi and New Orleans last week? It was a few days ahead of the president's trip. No? Interesting. The Katrina cottages are being highlighted in coastal Mississippi. The residents and government there have stepped up and formed a plan to bring homes and people back there. You'll notice the contrast to the residents and government in south Louisiana. You'll notice the contrast in the first ladies, too.

Or, maybe it's just me.


AC said...

I'm always astounded at Bill Clinton's press. All those things of note you mentioned happening under Bush? They go unnoticed and they are REAL. Bill did nothing and they make a little platform for him hidden under the surface of the lake so he looks to be walking on water. ITS FAKE!!!!!!

I took a little computer break too, but my weekend was not as restful as yours. You are back in fine form, as always.

srp said...

It looks as if Hilary is in a panic and pulling out her Big Gun (Bill-- and not referring to his ONE BIG GUN or perhaps in a Freudian way, yes). Anyway, this may backfire on her.

Obama giving a "sermon" on Joshua... puleaseeee.

Did you hear that the so-called star of Ugly Betty commented that "the US would finally be free when a new president was elected and Bush was gone."????

That Hannah Montana girl is the real life daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus of Achy, Breaky, Heart fame.

Paul is a Hermit said...

Well, we know it's not you and it's probably not Hannah Montana, so that leaves our free and impartial media for fostering falsehoods and creating an image for the Clintons. That, they just won't question, nor hardly can.

They won't question anything like using the pulpit for politics because all is fair in defeating Conservatism. All help accepted too.

Good point about Dr. Rice, even Powell is not rehabilitated.
Laura Bush was out of The White House? That was all political, while Senators Clinton & Obama deeply cared about honoring former President Clinton and that other stuff. Like voting rights for criminals, which includes those here illegally.

AC said...

I HEARD Hillary's audio on Drudge with the fake accent. SO FAKE! I cannot believe that. I just can't. Is there no place she will not go? Is there nothing stupid she does that gets the ridicule that she deserves?

I am insulted by that speech regardless of the content, the delivery was mocking. How could her audience not get up and stalk out???

Oh. Yeah. that's why.

Beverly said...

Oh, yes, the accent. It just makes you want to throw up.

And what about Bill Maher's comments? Have we heard about them lately? particularly his one about Cheney.

I had Jay Leno on the other night. I wasn't watching, just listening, and I heard this vile talk, turned and looked and it was Maher. I turned it off mighty quick.