Thursday, March 08, 2007

Take Her, She's Ours

NASA, unable to handle the situation revolving around astronaut Lisa Nowak, has asked the Navy to take back Ms. Nowak. This is the first time the Navy has been asked to take back an astronaut in NASA history, a 49 year history. So, she'll return to Navy duty while awaiting her day in court.

Captain America, dead at the age of 66. Who knew the cartoon hero would become political fodder. Sad, but true. "It's a hell of a time fo him to go. We really need him now," said co-creator Joe Simon, 93, after being informed of is brainchild's death, according to the Houston Chronicle. Captain America was originally an adversary for Hitler. His adventures are sold in 75 countries. The son of a naval intelligence officer stationed on Guantanamo Bay as a child, Ed Brubaker the series writer express his difficulty with killing off the Captain. The now 40 year old writer wants to "explore what the hero meant to the country in these polarized times." What a crock.

The President and First Lady have gone to South America for a weeks tour. The House and Senate Dem leaders wasted no time to pronounce their latest legislation attempts to end funding to the war. Pelosi announced the time table of bringing home the troops by fall 2008 would be tied to the appropriations bill pending to provide funding for the troops. The Senate is pushing legislation to demand troops back by March 2008. All this on the day of Gen. Petraeus' first press conference where he spoke to the fact that while there is no military solution alone to this war, the new strategies are showing signs of success and progress is being made. Determined for complete devastation to the Iraqi people, the Dems forge on.

I say let's get these legislations brought to the floors of the House and the Senate and get it all recorded on voice roll call votes. Bring it.

Another Muslim traitor in the armed services is being charged now on terrorism charges. He was determined to provide the enemy with locales of ships and how best to attack them. He is said to have celebrated when he originally heard of the attack on the U.S. Cole. His partner is the Muslim charged with attempting to attack the shopping mall around Christmas time with all the grenades. This traitor in today's paper, though, is never described as Muslim. The article tells his birth name and then his current name and that's as far as they go. Cowards.

My husband sent off a letter of recommendation for an Iraqi friend and colleague a few days ago. The man is trying to become a permanent resident here now. He lives in Michigan now and is working. He needs letters from Americans who can vouch for him as part of the process. My husband worked with him during his trip to Iraq in late 2002.

We wish him well.


srp said...

I really didn't understand them killing off Captain America. My two theories were:
1. Economic. No one bought the comic book. More and more comics are things you've never heard of with "heroes" (and I use that term loosely) who really aren't.
2. Another political statement of how "bad" America is... we couldn't possibly keep someone alive who stood for the welfare of our country....(read excessive sarcasm into that last statement)

seawitch said...

All those Democrats and the anti-war lLeft who keep insisting we need to pull out of Iraq before the job is finished need to remember what happened after Vietnam.

We pulled out. The North Vietnamese moved in and people were killed. The Vietnamese left by the hundreds of thousands in rickety boats. The Khmer Rouge slaughtered millions in Cambodia.

We cannot leave Iraq now.

Robert said...

Hey all, this is Penguin's son wanting to comment. About the Capt. America's death, it was part of a giant series Marvel was in, called Civil War, in short it was a giant event that factioned (is that even a word?) the Marvel characters in regards to hero-registration.

In that event many heroes died, came back to life, and otherwise altered their lives drasticly. Spiderman, for example, did a big dramatic showing of his secret identity, Captain Marvel came back from the dead, and many other heroes died.

In short, two things will come from this, 1) Cappy will come back, that's the assumed result.


2) This will make major changes happen, which could be very good, one of them is strongly hinted that some hero will redeem from his old ways and take the mantle up of Captain America.

Really I'm a bit upset that the news, who never cared about comics before except to make glib remarks about Cons, decided to go around going "Captain America is dead! What does it mean?!" It means he died, he was a leading figure in the "Anti-Registration" movement and was shot by a "Pro-Registration" supporter. That's what it means, that's what happened.