Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Optimism Lives

Well, this will put a crimp in the holiday cheer of the far left in the country. Not only have most of their major arguments concerning the evil Bush administration begun to noticeably fall away, now we find yet another European country coming back to pro-American affirmations. Now to the list of France, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Japan, and newly strong former Soviet Union cast-offs, Denmark has elected Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen to the center-right government. He was re-elected due to his strong stance as a supporter of the war on terror. Well, so much for the whole 'every country hates us' mantra.

The leftists are under fire for their inability to end the war. Now, with even the New York Times having to run stories about the positive developments in Baghdad and other parts of the country of Iraq, well, so much for Harry Reids' the war is lost remarks. Plus, Hillary, the future candidate, maybe president, says she can't immediately end the war. She was for it before she was against it.

The Dems promised transparency and no more pork spending in the new session as they took over. Well, Republicans are being denied the ability to have input into legislation via amendments and the work week has been shortened to 4 days again. No more working on Fridays for Grandma Mimi's Congress. Pork spending continues to grow, interestingly enough in huge amounts in districts like Rep. John "killing them in cold blood" Murtha's. The Congress has yet to get any appropriations bills to the President for signature. They are at a record time of tardiness for the legislation process for the past 20 years.

"While our troops are quelling violence and defeating terrorists in Baghdad and throughout Iraq, Democrats in Washington are trying to choke off funds for our troops in the field," said Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell, according to Breitbart.com. The Dems are so heavily invested in failure and defeat in Iraq that they have no other choice. That's what happens when you bet against your own country.

Hillary currently whining on the Republican attack machine is so amusing. Are you kidding me? That's Rich. Oh, pardon me. Hillary who introduced the War Room in 1990, who has a team of detectives, including dumpster divers working for her, who introduced the "bimbo eruption" team to handle her husband's sexual indiscretions. Well, if I was Barack Obama I'd be hitting back harder and acting like I really wanted the nomination. Those in Iowa are waking up.

The U.N. has to admit they miscalculated the severity of the AIDS epidemic in Africa. No. Follow the money. That may shed a bit of light as to why they would do such as thing. Any recognition of the evil Bush administration and their record-breaking allotments of monies to Africa for AIDS and for malaria? Yeah.

A major scientific break through has occurred in research. Skin cells have shown huge promise to replace the need for embryonic stem cell tissue in developing medical cures. So much for the old canard that the evil Bush administration won't allow people to stand up and walk after spinal injuries due to no federally financed embryonic stem cell research. John Edwards and John Kerry promised Christopher Reeve would walk again if they were elected last time around. Michael J. Fox has pimped himself out to any Dem who asked, for election purposes, including the current freshman Senator from Missouri, Claire McCaskell. If they were all so knowledgeable why weren't they honest enough to admit that federal funding was going to adult stem cell research and that private grants and monies went to both adult and embryonic stem cell research? Why wouldn't they admit embryonic stem cell research had not been successful? Guess it really didn't matter if you could make the other party look responsible.

It's getting a bit more difficult out there to remain the party of negative.


Paul is a Hermit said...

I heard there was still some work needing done relative the possiblity of cancer genes turning on in these "adult" cells, exactly where that came from, I do not know, I read it somewhere this morning, nor their motivation. No matter, everyone says it is a break through and it would be so nice to move embryos off the stage.

Anything's possible in a country which gave almost half of it's votes to Al Gore. How was that possible? Even a comeback by The Harry and Mimi Show.

Janie said...

Hey, girl - just wanted to extend a "Happy Thanksgiving" to you, the hubby and the boy. Y'all have a great one!

Michael said...

Well, it just goes to show that you can never rely on bad news. People don't like it, and have a way of working to reverse it.

Now if this will just sink into the voter's consciousnesses...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Jennifer said...

It's early, and doesn't fit the post, but I wanted to wish you and yours the very happiest of Thanksgiving holidays. Enjoy each other, with optimism. :-)

And thank you. For being a tolerant, and greatly valued, friend.

Dee said...

Awesome post!! I love it!