Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bookworm Tagged Me Today

One of my favorite blogs is Bookworm Room. I check in at least once a day. She always has something interesting to ponder. Today brings a meme and I was tagged. Honored, I carry on.

The meme is one that contains picking up a book and having a mad addiction to reading, that is one meme that must be followed through by moi. I am instructed to pick up the book closest to me and write out the fifth sentence on page 56, and also the next two to five sentences. As usual, it is a weirdly random spot in a rather offbeat chapter, but no complaints here.

From A Conservative History of the American Left, by Daniel J. Flynn:

That they shared wives struck others as criminal. "The fashion of the world forbids a man and woman who are otherwise appropriated, to love one another burningly," Noyes reported. "But if they obey Christ they must do this." So Noyes's followers obeyed.

The name of the chapter? Bible Communists. What can I say?

I will leave this open to anyone who would like to participate. It's easy and quick if you are like me and are never without a book within arm's length. Come on. Do it.

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