Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Why I Voted for John McCain

I early voted about two weeks ago. I voted for John McCain.

I voted for John McCain because I think he is the candidate who will be up to the job of running the most important office in the world. Yes, I am a proud American and I believe in our country's exceptionalism. If we do not lead the world, who does?

I voted for John McCain because I am a lifelong Republican. John McCain and I hold similar views on the two most important issues - national security and fiscal responsibility. I am not a single issue voter on moral issues. I am a moderate to liberal Republican. John McCain is a conservative Republican. It is a popular cry from the far right of my party to label John McCain other than conservative but it is not factual. He is fiscally conservative - fighting earmarks and demanding spending cuts - and he is socially conservative. He is pro-life and always has been. He is a strong voice for national security through a strong Defense Department. Our enemies know this and that is why the other candidate has received glowing support from them.

I voted for John McCain because he is a strong and honorable man. He is a man of his word.

I voted for John McCain because he walks the walk. He has been all over the world observing the conditions and day to day struggles of the people across the globe. He usually does this without a travelling entourage of reporters and photographers. He considers it his job, his duty.

I voted for John McCain because he is long time friends with many of the world's leaders. The president of France recently commented that his opponent is not up to the job. He is not the lone doubter. The countries in Eastern Europe are conservative and the Western European countries are following with more and more election results. Even Canada has kept a conservative prime minister. Electing a far left liberal will go against the tide of international leadership. John McCain doesn't expect America to fit into the visions of the rest of the world, but his opponent does. John McCain expects to lead the rest of the world in our vision.

I voted for John McCain because he has skin in the game. He was a POW during the Vietnam war for 5 1/2 years. He has two sons in active duty now. One son will be re-deployed to Iraq on Christmas Day. John McCain demands victory in Iraq. John McCain knows how to accomplish that. The military, according to polling, is voting overwhelmingly for John McCain. Who better to know about leadership?

John McCain does not campaign in the gutter. Though his opponent and his opponent's supporters cry foul when ads are run speaking to the record and speeches of the candidate, that is not negative campaigning. That is telling the facts of a record. That is defining your opponent. When a candidate runs with the least amount of experience in recent history for the highest office in the land, while claiming to have all the judgement necessary for the job, it is imperative that voters understand the candidate's associations. This tells us who the candidate is and what judgement he will use in choosing those surrounding him while in office.

I voted for John McCain because he doesn't have a hateful spiritual adviser spewing anti-American speeches or racial hate. John McCain could have made that an issue but didn't. Even the candidate himself said in an interview that the spiritual adviser was a legitimate issue. That was after he threw him under the bus.

John McCain doesn't throw loved ones or associates under the bus. In his case, it is not necessary.

John McCain is not a racist. His opponent is, however. His opponent has, at every opportunity, claimed the Republicans and the McCain campaign would make race an issue. It was the other way around. John and Cindy McCain have an adopted daughter - a young woman of color - and prove again to walk the walk.

John McCain supports women. He pays his women staffers at a more equal level than his opponent does. He has mostly women staffers. His opponent hires more men. And, John McCain loves his wife. His wealthy, successful business woman wife who travels the world to make it a better place. Whether it is adopting a baby girl in Bangladesh or distributing medical supplies in Africa or the Far East. Or, observing land mine removal in war torn countries.

John McCain adopted his first wife's two sons when they married. Those sons are still a part of his family today and campaign with him. One son works as Comptroller for Cindy McCain's business. The daughter from his first marriage is active on the campaign, too, though she lives in Canada with a successful career in the music industry. His ex-wife supports his bid for president and still considers him a friend.

John McCain works in a bi-partisan way. His opponent claims to do the same but there is no such evidence in his short career. John McCain maddens his own party as he does the opposition party. He does what he thinks is in the best interest of his country. And, when he brokers deals bringing both sides together, he keeps his word. His opponent does not keep his word.

The McCain family has many pets. They have a habit of adopting stray dogs and cats and even ferrets. This speaks of the nature of a family. This speaks to a family with a good heart. This speaks of a family with a generous heart.

John McCain will not overturn Roe v Wade. John McCain will appoint judges who interpret the Constitution as the Founding Fathers wrote it. He will not appoint judges who legislate from the bench. Want a living Constitution? That is what the Constitutional amendment process is for. Those Founding Fathers were some smart guys.

John McCain will not stifle free speech. He will not bring back the Freedom Doctrine. He appreciates the discourse of public speech and listens to more than one side of an issue.

John McCain understands the economy. He knows that a soft economy will not mend with higher taxes. He knows higher taxes bring unemployment and lower productivity. Higher taxes close markets and shutter small business. Higher taxes punish success. Higher taxes will not pay for all the campaign promises made by his opponent.

John McCain says that Americans don't hide from history, we make history.

Country First.


AI said...

An excellent, honorable, and highly principled post Karen, if I was a voting American, I would do same and for many a matching reasons. As we approach the final hours of campaigning who cannot but admire the fighting spirit of the man, the now elder statesman of U.S. politics. His energy and enthusiasm is amazing especially in light of the anti-McCain media circus. A lesser man would have vented his frustrations by now…

Wordnerd said...

Karen, if there were more posts and articles like this and fewer like the ones we are subjected to from the national media, there'd be far fewer 'undecideds.' This was thoughtful and incisive.

Reaching across the nets this morning to give you a high-five and a virtual hug.

Jess said...

Karen, I loved your post. Now THAT is what I like to see----real reasons for supporting a candidate. Kudos to you for standing up for your principles! Hugs, Jess

Solar Water Heaters said...

The most important office in the world is at your dining room table.

Anonymous said...

If John McCain is "a man of his word", then why did he go negative like he promised not to do?
If John McCain is "a man of his word", whey did he approve of Reverand Wright ads, which he promised not to do?

When asked during the debates, his excuse for going negative was that Obama wouldn't agree to a number of town hall debates. Isn't that a nonsequitor? How does Obama not agreeing to do an arbitrary number of town hall debates give McCain a pass to go back on his word?

It's actions like these that make me think less of John McCain. I had a deep and profound respect for the man BEFORE his campaign went sour.
I didn't have a problem with his pick of Palin. I do have a problem with his promises of "straight talk" that wind up being factually inaccurate or wild distortions.

I truly hope that once this election is over, that John McCain does SOMETHING to return to the Maverick I respected so much during the Republican primaries of old.

God Bless America.

Kris in New England said...

Thank you - this is perfect. I voted this morning - McCain/Palin. I feel very empowered.

amarkonmywall said...

"The McCain family has many pets. They have a habit of adopting stray dogs and cats and even ferrets. This speaks of the nature of a family. This speaks to a family with a good heart. This speaks of a family with a generous heart." :-) x 1000!

Sending a hug back at you- and applauding the way you have expressed your political convictions throughout this long campaign. Cheers, Karen!

Z said...

GOOD PIECE, Karen.......wordnerd is right. Would that we had more like you and less liars in the media. thanks.
I am grieving for America.

srp said...

Wonderful... yes, I voted for McCain today as well. Alas, it was not enough. So tonight God will continue to bless America... we are going to need it now.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

All good reasons to support John McCain.

I'm not so sure that many voters who chose Obama truly know all the qualities about this man that spoke of him as the right man, at this time.

And I'm not soure that many voters truly know just who it is that they voted into office yesterday.

I've heard ridiculous charges that he is a racist. Ignore the fact that he and Cindy adopted Bridget, a Bengali, as their daughter.

Anyway, congratulations to President Elect Obama and his supporters.

I hope I'm proven wrong about Obama, because....country first.