Monday, November 24, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin Appreciation Day

The Texas Federation of Republican Women

Offered by the Resolutions Committee
Approved by the Board of Directors the 14th day of November, 2008

A Resolution declaring November 24, 2008, Governor Sarah Palin Day and making her an honorary member of TFRW

WHEREAS, Governor Sarah Palin has made history as the first female Republican Vice Presidential candidate; and

WHEREAS, she is a rising star in the Republican Party; and

WHEREAS, with her direct approach and dynamic personality she was a powerful force on the campaign trail; and

WHEREAS, she is an energetic, intelligent, courageous and strong leader; and

WHEREAS, while she has endured many attacks from the media and the public, she has handled her attackers with dignity and grace; and

WHEREAS, she and her family have sacrificed dearly in service of their country; now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that Governor Sarah Palin is hereby made an honorary member of the Texas Federation of Republican Women and that November 24, 2008, be observed as Governor Sarah Palin Appreciation Day.

RESOLVED, that all members of the Texas Federation of Republican Women are encouraged to send Governor Palin a letter thanking her for her leadership and dedication to our principles at: Governor Sarah Palin, P.O. Box 110001, Juneau, AK 99811.

I'm a member and thought I'd share this resolution.


Incognito said...

I like her a lot.. but as Krauthammer said... if she wants to be a viable Prez candidate in 2012.. she will need to do some studying.

Karen said...

We aren't endorsing her for 2012, simply recognizing her efforts.

Anonymous said...


Z said...

The truth is the handlers said she has a photographic memory and didn't come close to "Africa's a country" or "I can really see Russia".
I know Republicans who believed this stuff!!
Krauthammer's right.......she needs more because she's not used to dealing with the kinds of things she was questioned about, but don't underestimate this lady!
I hear Oprah wants her on now..THAT'll be hilarious.

Imagine how Sarah's authenticity and sheer goodness will shine in the darkness of Oprah's show? I can't WAIT.

Letterman wants her, too, after slamming her so hard one night that I got tears in my eyes, literally. Not from sensitivity, she's a big girl and can stand up for herself and, really, it's no skin off MY nose...but I felt the tears were becuase we've reached SUCH a low in insulting good people...I felt I was crying so involuntarily because our whole culture's become so GOTCHA! and ugly.....sad, isn't it?

Karen, what a wonderful resolution. thanks for sharing it with us. I'm hearing all kinds of good stuff for Sarah coming up. She'll have to study, as incognito and Krauthammer say, but mostly just to somehow avert questions for which she hasn't the answer. Nobody can tell me Biden or Kerry or Franken, for that matter, know so much more. They just have the media on THEIR side.

srp said...

I hope she NEVER loses that straight forward plain speaking gift she has. In a day when politicians say what the audience needs to hear, no matter what audience that is, we end up without the ability to discern the truth, if any, that comes from both sides of their mouth. Please Sarah.... don't become a slick speaker for politics sake.

Karen, did you see the history channel special on the White House last night? It should have been required watching for all school children and Americans.... great!!!

Karen said...

I taped the White House special. Looking forward to watching it. I'll sorely miss Laura Bush.