Monday, November 03, 2008

Who is Barack Obama?

It is interesting listening to the likes of Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose going back and forth with each other, conversing about how very little they actually know about Barack Obama and his policies. After two years of following him, with bated breath, the candidate they have proclaimed the new Messiah - he will part the seas and heal the earth - they admit they know almost nothing about him and what he is thinking.

They admit they have no idea how he plans to deal with China, North Korea or other up and coming international dilemmas. On the domestic front, how will he really pay for all his campaign promises, because simply raising taxes on everyone earning over $42,000 per year won't be enough? This astounds me. Why do they support him? Is it truly as most of the common sense voters think? It is simply because he is the first viable socialist leaning liberal in modern history? Is it simply because he is bi-racial and liberal white guilt voters think by electing Obama as President that the races will bond together and live in harmony?

The candidate himself if the one inserting race into this contest. He mocks Republicans claiming they'll be racist towards him in thought and deed. I guess he conveniently forgets the McCains adopted a daughter of color. More than Obama has done in his life. And, he labeled Bill Clinton as a racist in the primaries. Incredible. The idea was to come out early that if a Democrat wasn't supporting him, that person is racist. There's your post-racial candidate in action.

At such a crucial time in our history, a nation involved in more than one war overseas and a soft economy trying to get back on its feet, why would anyone trust a man with no experience outside of Chicago politics and two years in the U.S. Senate to guide our path forward? Why would anyone trust a man with a lifetime of proven poor judgement in choosing mentors, spiritual advisers and associates? Why would anyone trust a candidate so driven by opportunistic narcissism that he throws any and everyone under the bus as soon as the truth is known? Even his own white grandmother who played a big part in raising him. No loyalty to anyone. He only seems to be driven by his own ambition.

And, he chose Joe Biden as a running mate. This choice was to booster some foreign policy experience on the ticket, but we see Biden in action. The man is a buffoon. And, he has dangerously loose lips.

On his policy positions, he has shown the same will of self-preservation. He ran in the primaries as a far left candidate - as all candidates do - then lurched sharply to the center for the general election. Again, nothing unusual for most candidates. But, this time around, Obama sold himself as the candidate of change, the bi-partisan, post racial candidate. He has no record of being either, but with the help of his slick Chicago bred staff he has successfully marketed himself to a willing electorate.

And, yes, this is why his past associations and friendships are important. The voter has nothing else to go on. There is no record to go on - unless you look at the extraordinary amount of 'present' votes in the Illinois State legislature. The same record Obama supported infanticide by refusing to vote to demand medical personnel to care for infants born alive after a botched abortion. As a pro-choice Republican woman, that vote alone truly sickens me so greatly I am in disbelief that any moral person would vote for the man. The same man who said if his young daughter became pregnant, the baby would be a 'punishment'.

Pretty speeches, read from a teleprompter, are fine. It will be interesting to watch as a nation wakes after an Obama victory, if that happens, and voters supporting him realize it was all a facade. He'll not be able to fulfill his promises. He'll cut checks to people who do not pay federal income tax. He'll push through tax increases on small business; on Big Oil and other energy producers; he'll be happy to go along with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid on their agenda.

The stock market is not reacting well to a perceived Obama victory. This will not aid any economic recovery. And, there are certainly plenty of Democrats working on Wall Street. Also remember that more than 50% of working people now are invested in the Stock Market through retirement plans. Not just those mean Republicans fighting wealth re-distribution theory.

Barney Frank has already announced his plans to push for a 25% reduction in defense spending. He says we don't need all "those fancy weapons". We are a nation at war. Let's remember that. The war in Iraq is, thankfully, winding down and troops are already coming home. The war in Afghanistan, however, will have to be ramped up to finish the task there.

Barack Obama is not up to the task of leading this country.

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