Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cornyn's Call to Republicans

Senator John Cornyn is doing some heavy lifting in Washington, D.C. to help rebuild the Republican party. His task, as National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair is to recruit and retain Republicans to win Senate seats. It's as simple as that.

The complicated part is recruiting candidates. Senator Cornyn, a conservative from Texas, is a realist when it comes to recruitment. He is in the Ronald Reagan mode of "I would rather have a Republican that would vote with me 80 percent of the time than a liberal Democrat voting with me 0 percent of the time." This is causing a bit of heartburn among those posing as purists in the GOP.

Senator Cornyn is urging conservative outreach to Hispanics because they are the most conservative voters in the country and are a good fit with Republicans both on social values and work ethic. "It's critical that our candidates fit their states if they're going to win." This quote appeared in recently and included this one, too - "I understand when people are occasionally frustrated with the way some of my colleagues vote. I am too. But a circular firing squad within our party is no solution. We must broaden our party and increase our appeal among groups that share our values but don't necessarily identify as conservatives or vote consistently as Republicans."

"Ninety percent of the game is to recruit candidates who can communicate our principles, who work hard and who can connect with voters in their states. And the NRSC can offer strong candidates the tools and resources they need to win."

In Politico, Cornyn said, "Reaching out to these people does not mean watering down our rhetoric. "Reaching out does mean getting out there and meeting these folks."

In order to grow the party, it is in everyone's best interests to broaden our horizons. To expect conservatives to win elections if less than half of the population of voters relates to the message is to cover ears and shut eyes to the political realities in America. The much referenced Reagan knew this. He embraced outreach to everyone and realized it does not mean loss of political purity.

Those so quick to quote Reagan and insist if only the Republican party went to a rigid litmus test for candidates, then victory would be there. To lob the term "RINO" is to be narrow minded in thought. To expect only those who agree with your own opinions 100% as truly conservative is an impossible standard. Is there anyone who agrees with anyone else 100% of the time? Why expect a large group of people to meet that mark?

Stakes are high. America is on a disaster course with complete Democrat leadership in Washington. Blue Dog Democrats are the Obama administration's throne in its side. These politicians bring future Republican votes.

Every vote counts.

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