Thursday, March 26, 2009

Different For Its Own Sake

"What I’ve told them directly, because I have heard some of this, is they need to spend a little time outside of New York. Because if you go to North Dakota or you go to Iowa or if you go to Arkansas, where folks would be thrilled to be making $75,000 a year without a bonus, then I think they’d get a sense of why people are frustrated. I think we have to understand the severity of the crisis that we’re in right now. The fact is, because of bad bets made on Wall Street, there have been enormous losses. There were a whole bunch of folks who, on paper, if you looked at quarterly reports, were wildly successful selling derivatives that turned out to be completely worthless…. " That was a response to the question during the 60 Minutes interview as to the point of if it were the President's responsibility to decide the salaries of bankers.

There is something that does not sit well with many Americans when the nouveau riche President claims to know the salary dreams of those who are not making his fabulous book deals and taxpayer funded salary. There is something a bit unseemly when the President inks a book deal to "repackage" his last book into a classroom book for middle schoolers just days before his inauguration. There is something unseemly about a sitting President leading the nation through a particularly tough patch while yucking it up on late night talk shows and making jokes about the disgust Americans have for another auto bailout.

You may remember this is the same man as candidate who went to Iowa to campaign at the start of the presidential primary season and worked "arugula" and "Whole Foods" into his speech. There are no Whole Foods markets in Iowa.

The man is President of the United States. In his myopic zeal for trashing all things proper of the White House and traditions held by previous Presidents, he looks unserious and not at all "different" or cutting edge, as he fancies himself. Doing things just to be different is juvenile.

Today it was reported that President Obama will make an appearance during the Univision music awards ceremony. This "different" move wouldn't have anything to do with pandering for the Hispanic vote next time around, would it? Change we can believe in?

Today the Secretary of Treasury, a tax cheat, told members of Congress that he wants even more power. He wants the power to decide winners and losers in all major businesses. He wants to also set salaries and decide on bonus policy. Where would that nightmare end?

Yesterday, the Secretary of Treasury, a tax cheat, murmured that he would certainly have no problem with considering a world currency to replace the dollar and the value of the dollar plunged. The market was none too excited about that idiocy, either. Then, after being thrown a life preserver from that event's moderator, he backtracked. China must have been terribly entertained.

Smoke and mirrors rule the day.


Z said...

"Smoke and mirrors" is right, Karen.
Meanwhile, our country's falling apart, becoming weaker on ALL fronts, and ....
now what?

Kris, in New England said...

The leader of this nation sent a letter to the President of Italy - urging them to work together to set good policies for the world.

The President of Italy is a ceremonial position; policy is set by the Prime Minister.

The very first phone call P.BO made after taking office was to the leadership of Hamas.

He sends a letter to the former President of France, rather than the current one.

He gives un-usable DVDs to the Prime Minister of England.

P.BO is a pretender to the throne. He is a total neophyte elected on the altar of a cult of personality in this country.

Along with my guns, I cling to the knowledge that at worst he'll only have 4 years to muck things up.

Anonymous said...

Along with my guns, I cling to the knowledge that at worst he'll only have 4 years to muck things up.

I wish I could share your optimism. We are already aware that BO is actively campaigning for his run in 2012, it is the genesis of every one of his socialist (nee, un-American) programs. We know that taxpayer funded Acorn is already in full-swing to deliver BO his second term.

The real power behind the throne is George Soros, a man who single-handedly financed the democratic sweep of the Congress and the White House. Soros stands to make $500 billion from the Obama economic policies, not because Obama has a clue about a proper economic model, but because Soros is betting against the American dollar.

And you know what? These circumstances ought to scare the hell out of anyone who loves America.

Semper Fi

Karen said...

One day at a time. One blog post at a time.

Good points. It's just embarrassing. And, don't forget the letter to Chirac in France. Idiot.

You're so right. Full campaign mode for the next 4 yrs - it never ended.
Semper Fi.