Saturday, March 14, 2009

You Are Not Alone

During today's meeting of Saturday Morning in America - Houston Chapter - the importance of gathering with like-minded people was acknowledged. Many of the women gathered around the table watched the Glenn Beck program yesterday with the theme of his 9-12 Project.

Viewing parties were held around the country. Viewing parties were also held as far away as Australia. Service men and women in Iraq watched. Some at the gathering this morning attended those, too. One in a Houston area community was attended by the head of the Border Patrol. He encouraged people to support a Houston Police Officer recently shot by an illegal immigrant by attending a rally at Houston City Hall on Tuesday, March 24. This person was a drug kingpin and married to a woman with an even larger presence in drug trafficking from Mexico. The officer shot is in critical condition. He is a twenty plus year veteran who insisted on being the first man through the door during the raid. At 57 years of age, he has a wife and family. Unfortunately, this is not an unusual story for Houston.

We are living in confusing times. We are told the economy is the worst in decades. Then we are told this week, by the same man who did nothing but doom and gloom speeches as he bashed the last administration, that it will be ok and we will recover. Finally he tried to bolster the American people. The stock market has lost more in the first months of his administration than any previous ones but he brushes it off as though it is a common voter tracking poll. He thinks the American people are stupid.

Republicans are rebuilding and recruiting candidates to counter this current Democrat leadership in Washington. Americans don't appreciate being told that there is an agenda to be pushed through quickly while the President is liked by the public. Quick. Quick. Never waste a good crisis, that is the mantra. First it was credited to Rahm Emanuel and then by Hillary Clinton, on an overseas trip speaking to a group of young people. There's some change you can believe in.

Not only is it important for like-minded people to gather and exchange ideas, as well as frustrations, but it is also a place for ideas to take action. New opportunities are coming forth. In Harris County, for example, a day's workshop will be held in April to train future candidates and campaign management. Also, on April 15 there will be a Tax Day Tea Party in downtown Houston with the main Post Office as the location. In May, those interested in the national security issues of our country will be welcomed to a day's presentation from Brigitte Gabriel and her organization, ACT For America.

As the President takes the time to slap Republicans while answering questions with the President of Brazil - telling a "joking" statement that Republicans would like for him to be lost in the Amazon - while he insists he is all about a post partisan America, as Democrat groups around the country form under the umbrella of Unity 09 to work on a permanent Democrat majority in Washington by hateful and misleading commercials - as the President insists he wants to bring the political parties together, the veneer cracks. President Obama is receiving criticism from many on his own side of the aisle now as the realization that the campaign speeches were only that. Talk. Even now he travels with the teleprompter and is fed facts through the screen, unable to garner support with his less than stellar off the cuff answers. Turns out experience governing does matter.

You are not alone.


Zeeva Daveed said...

What an excellent essay on all that concerns Americans and rightly so. I still have not quite figured out how come Americans voted for Obama and the world loves him. From where I strand he is nothing of significance and was only voted in because he had money behind him.

I keep saying I should write a book named, "Obama for Dummies."

Nice to meet you.


Karen said...

Thank you. Nice to meet you, too.

srp said...

I am at the point where all I can do is just wait and watch and hope and pray that this administration and congress don't spend us into oblivion.

PLEASE let the people wake up and take their government back!

Z said...

Funny, today Bernanke's suddenly saying this recession should be over THIS YEAR. Was this all manufactured? Was it "I'm different than Bush, see what trouble HE got us in?"

As for our fighting, you're right! But, the spin is even all over the world now against Beck..."he's organizing RIGHT WINGERS in America..." as if we're all NAZIS just waiting for a leader to fight THE ONE. Already, the Left's in overdrive trying to run defense.. a la Saul Alinsky, right? Tough times, Karen.
Great post.