Wednesday, March 11, 2009

From Rush to Eric Cantor - Moving Target

Move over, Rush. The new target of the foursome of James, Paul, Rahm and Stan is Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor.

Rep. Eric Cantor is an up and comer in the Republican party. He is the House Minority Whip and the only Jewish Republican member in the House of Representatives. He is well spoken, intelligent and not afraid to take on the challenge of leading Republicans back into power. The Democrats hate him.

President Obama, continuing on with the disturbing trend of calling out folks in disagreement with him, by name, as he speaks to his adoring crowds, said at a White House summit on entitlement reform last month, "I'm going to keep on talking to Eric Cantor. Someday, sooner or later, he's gong to say, 'Boy, Obama had a good idea.'" That from Politico. See, it's not about the American people and good policy. It's not about disagreement over basic party philosophy. It's all about the President and his "good ideas". Is that the change voters wanted?

David Plouffe, Obama campaign manager now writing a book, wrote in the Washington Post "Rush Limbaugh's voice could be heard in the words of new Republican quarterback Eric Cantor."

In Michigan, Florida and California, union groups are using robocalls telling voters to ask their representatives why they agree with Eric Cantor. They refer to the Republican party as the party of no. Old and outdated taunts, to be sure, and blatantly false, given the fact that Cantor is one who leads in providing members of the House alternatives to vote on when he opposes legislation put forth by Democrats.

That's why they hate him in the White House and in Speaker Pelosi's office. Cantor is not a part of the just say no crowd. He is an emerging leader of the party, mainly due to the fact that he provides alternative voting opportunities.

Americans United for Change - the hateful special interest group funded with union monies and back by George Soros, too - recently stated through its spokesman Jeremy Funk, "it's important to define new faces who emerge on the right." They would like to define Cantor before Cantor is known to more Americans. This group intends to continue the never ending campaign mode of the Obama administration.

Cantor's latest bill addresses foreclosures. It changes tax code provisions on gifts and capital gains, including making it easier for owners to sell investment property. Also, any home buyer who puts down 5% receive an immediate tax credit. Unlike the Obama administration's plan, which deals almost exclusively with first time home buyers, this bill helps all home buyers. And, he doesn't support the bill passed that allows bankruptcy judges to change the terms of a mortgage. Judges will now be allowed to set the terms of a mortgage. Think about that.

The fact is Eric Cantor has found common ground with President Obama, as serious legislators will. He agrees with the push to streamline and computerize health records. He agrees with withdrawing troops from Iraq and the schedule put forward. He agrees with lower mortgage interest rates. He agrees that some large banks should not be allowed to fail.

Cantor sees the Socialist creep in our government. He is a strong voice of loyal opposition. The Democrats hate him and have targeted him, lead by the group out of the White House. Is that the change America needs?

Though Newsweek continues with Obama mania, the current issue with the cover of a piece of tape over Rush Limbaugh's mouth reading "Enough", make no mistake. Rush was the first target in the grand scheme of running a continual campaign for the re-election of Barack Obama. Any Republican rising to lead will be thrown into the mix. George Soros, billionaire from Hungary and former Nazi sympathizer wishing Socialism in the U.S., is only too happy to fund the activities of the haters.

The Democratic National Committee is planning to put up a billboard near Limbaugh's house and is asking for message ideas. The winning slogan will be put on a billboard near Rush's home so that he sees it. Jen O'Malley Dillon, Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee is sending out e-mails asking for votes on the top five suggestions so far. Does she have a bit too much time on her hands?

Given the choice, we will find that Americans prefer a voice who stands strong for American values and beliefs over a Socialist billionaire from Europe funding campaigns against our military leadership and the American taxpayer.


Z said...

The anger and vindictiveness shown to Cantor, Rush, Cramer, Joe the Plumber, etc etc, is positively frightening. ANY Democrat would be screeching disapproval if the tables were turned, of course.. with protestations about "How Republican" this was, right?

Oh, I wish this were yet another Pondering Penguin piece that the NYSlimes published on their front pages, but, alas............

great piece, karen.

srp said...

I still don't understand why the Republicans couldn't have gotten together and just said... look we are going to withdraw ALL our earmarks on this bill.... that would have spoken volumes to the conservative Americans....

I wonder now if the left mind set is slowly rubbing off on them... help us if this is the case!