Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Hog Wild Over H1N1 Virus

Lead by the current administration, the country went hog wild over the swine flu, now re-named the H1N1 Virus. The virus is not transmitted through consumption of pork on your dinner plate. It is, however, the flu. The virus can be spread from pig to human via sneezing or coughing and this can happen in a third world country like Mexico, from where this flu is believed to have originated. With the frequency of easy travel, the virus has spread to many countries around the world.

This current political administration is fond of announcing that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste. It is hard to imagine that this would not also be the gameplan for an outbreak of a flu virus with no current vaccine available. Some in the administration have been quite honest in their assertions that this virus provides an excellent path to further government intervention into American health care.

The irony is Mexico has socialized medicine.

The administration was quick to trot out the new Homeland Security Secretary to quell panic. Panic brought on by the administration, but never mind that. The Health and Human Resources Secretary was not in place. As another nominee with tax problems, her confirmation was delayed. Also, the department is woefully understaffed due to not filling positions and even the CDC is working under an acting director. For an administration fully intent on pushing through universal health care, it was caught flat footed.

And, Vice President Biden provided his standard gaffe by informing an early morning talk show host that he has instructed his own family members to avoid public transportation - planes and subways in particular - and the administration had to quickly walk all that panic speech back. Thanks, Joe.

By contrast, former President Bush, when faced with the potential pandemic of SARS from Asia, put into place funding and research for antivirals, like Tamiflu. They war-gamed pandemic scenarios and increased the CDC’s sample identification capabilities. The Obama administration is continuing on with this established routine.

The government as nanny has reminded us on a daily basis all the actions your mother nagged you about as a child - wash your hands all throughout the day, cover your mouth if you cough, or cover your nose while sneezing, wash your hands, use caution in confined places, wash your hands, and if you feel ill stay home form school or work. Wash your hands. Do not infect co-workers or fellow students. It’s fairly common sense applications, something sorely missing in today’s world.

All across the country, schools are closed in a panic over the suspected illnesses of students. Today the news brought some realism in the form of the refusal of Howard University to close after one student may test positive for H1N1. Good for them.

This virus is now proving to be much milder than previously feared. It is no more than ordinary flu. In any average year, in the U.S., 39,000 deaths can be attributed to standard winter flu. The country doesn’t panic and bring everyday life to a standstill over that tragic fact. We employ basic reminders of personal hygiene and common sense. Wash your hands. Stay home if you aren’t feeling well.

Do not allow this administration to push through sweeping change in our health care system. Reforms are needed, to be sure. Free market reform is needed, with practical solutions. Socialized medicine picks winners and losers. Socialized medicine limits treatments. Less is not better if it is your loved one who is ill.

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Z said...

that's exactly right about the 'normal flu'..kills SO many people each year and nobody's freaking out......
We need to be vigilant if there IS a new strain of anything, but the way the media plays this stuff as if it's more important to get a story for ad space than to really inform........not god

Kris, in New England said...

It's common sense. Good practices for every day of the year - clean hands, covering mouth, etc...

The overkill on this thing is ridiculous. ONE U.S. citizen has died in the past month - one. And it was trumpeted all over the news this morning as if it was so shocking. Compared to the over 30K that die from the normal flu virus every year or the 200K+ that are hospitalized from the normal flu every year.

It is scary that there is a virus that can now jump species. But not a near threat level red from the CDC.

srp said...

The thing is... that viruses have jumped species before, many times. I had to laugh at the masks worn in the pictures. Only a special, fit tested, mask rated to filter out viral particles would help... those bought at Walmart over the counter do nothing. They might help keep the wearer from spreading a bacteria... but won't touch a virus which is infinitesimally smaller.