Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Come In All Forms

Happy Mother's Day to all those out there.

Two mothers of note have made some news in recent days. Elizabeth Edwards who is hawking a new book; and Kate Gosselin who is making lots of money hawking her family on a TLC reality show.

Back when John Edwards was running for President and Elizabeth Edwards was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, I rose to defend her decision to continue on with the campaign. I defended her wishes to spend what time she has left by promoting her husband's political ambitions because I thought they were her ambitions, too. Obviously if a person is terminally ill with two very young children still at home, and this person chooses to go out and campaign as much as possible for her spouse, it must be her ambition, too. I thought she was strong and brave.

I should have known better. This is politics, after all. While hoping for the best in Elizabeth Edwards, she was in fact carrying out major fraud on the voters in the Democrat primary. John Edwards confessed his affair to his wife as he announced his candidacy and she made the decision to let it ride. She claims she didn't know it was a long time affair, or that she knew about the child until much later. The problem is, of course, why believe her now?

Oprah dutifully went to North Carolina and did the interview with John and Elizabeth at their home. I didn't watch the show - I outgrew Oprah years ago - but I have read some excerpts. All I can say is it is a real mess what this woman has allowed her family to become. What are the children to think? Are they to look upon their mother as a martyr? Their father as a selfish cad? Evidently it is still just all about them.

I don't understand why Elizabeth felt the need to pen the book. Revenge? Pity? It's not the money, there is plenty of that. She should have remained silent and tried to salvage a bit of dignity as all the truth comes out. She would have put her political party in a terrible bind if John Edwards had been the candidate - and it now comes out that some in his campaign staff made the decision to sabotage the campaign if he were to get to that point so that another candidate would move forward.

Kate Gosselin is another puzzlement. She and her husband have sold their family to TLC for the series "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" and now receive $75,000 per episode. They purchased a 26 acre spread in their state of Pennsylvania with a very large home to house the family of 10. They have a book on the bestseller list and another one coming. Kate has enjoyed lots of trips for publicity and the family has done their part, too. Now the network has taken to stirring up extra drama to get record ratings. Last season for the final episode, the viewers were led to believe there was matrimonial drama with the implication a split may be imminent. This after they received a free family trip to Hawaii for a dream wedding as a "renewal of vows" ceremony. Swarmy doesn't begin to describe this couple. They live large now due to the interest in their twins and sextuplets - all from artificial insemination - and now complain what an imposition their celebrity is on their private life. Jon was photographed leaving a bar with a 23 year old teacher and it's splashed on the cover of tabloids. Duh. How convenient that a new season is to begin soon and a new book will hit the bookstores soon. Imagine that.

At first the show was enjoyable. As a mother of one child now grown, I can't imagine having so many under the roof. But I had too many red flags flashing before my eyes after the last season. They have had too many free trips, all kinds of free products and Kate is now a regular spa visitor and traveler on her own as she plays super mom. She is not such a nice person to watch. They have been shown to be cashing in for all the kids are worth and it is troubling.

Mothers come in all forms.


Wordnerd said...

Yep, I have problems with paid moms myself. (I half expect to see "As Seen On TV!" over their heads.) I don't watch Kate's "reality" show -- not enough "reality" there -- and the newest one, OctoMom, is one of the worst. As for Elizabeth Edwards, she's become as much of a sellout as the rest of them.

Beverly said...

She is not such a nice person to watch...and how. I got tired of her very quickly. That one twin has serious emotional problems.

I did watch this particular O episode. Incredible. I left her a long time ago too, but I did want to hear what E had to say.

Why can't they all be normal like us?

Kris, in New England said...

Edwards is trying desperately to hold onto the limelight. With her husband's failed political career, she needs to keep herself in the public eye. Self-esteem issues? Ego? Who cares - I just wish she'd sit down, shut up and go away. She was annoying during the campaign and she's still annoying.

As for that other family - I don't have any respect for people who use artificial insemination to get an insta-family - then expect people to give them things for free. To make them famous and put them on the cover of magazines. It's despicable.

Anonymous said...

Although I don't care for the show...the children of Jon and Kate were in-vitro fertilization, not artificial as you reported. They are the parents of all the children.
Apparently Jon was a bit of a cad and ladies man before she married him so if he is running around, its not a shock and besides, its got everyone talking even if you don't watch the show.