Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What Was Governor Perry's Agenda?

So, what was the agenda of legislation wishes from Governor Perry this session? Was there an agenda at all?

Republican women have written to him denouncing the statement of his chief campaign consultant who told "the Dallas newspaper that expanding the GOP philosophical base is like opening a "whorehouse". That according to R.G. Ratcliffe in the Houston Chronicle, from the Austin bureau. The women wrote that Perry was keeping "with how you've governed - through division and an appeal to fear."

Perry created a national embarrassment by implying a possible secession of the State of Texas from the union and then spent the next full month answering questions about his statements. What kind of publicity is that for the state? Then he claimed to be refusing stimulus money but in fact, is not. His qualm was with the strings attached to unemployment benefits but the very changes he opposed passed without problem in the Senate. A Republican dominated Senate. It appears ready to pass in the House, too.

Ratcliffe's article points out that the Senate rejected his appointee to the parole board, due to incompetence. And, his nominee for Board of Education chairman "is in grave danger." "House lawmakers also voted to abolish the Texas Department of Transportation, which is chaired by Perry's former chief of staff and replace it with an elected commission."

"I don't ever get concerned about what goes on in the Legislature," Perry said recently. "I've been doing this for 20 years. It ebbs ad flows." Perhaps after 20 years, the Governor's time on the taxpayer's payroll is over.

Many think Perry is simply distracted by an upcoming challenge in the Republican primary for his re-election by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson. He has taken to throwing the red meat of silly statements like the potential for state secession and for the claims of refusing federal monies so as to stoke the far right of the party.

Is this the leadership Texas needs?


srp said...

Living here in VA, we don't hear much about Texas local politics... but the "silly statements" by Biden didn't preclude him becoming vice president... something I think Obama will soon be regretting, if he doesn't already.l Here we have the buffoon Terry McCauliff of the Democratic National Committee who has lived in the state only because he was working in DC... now running for governor. One can only hope the primary voters for the Dems will see that the opposing candidate is a life long resident and a much more local and state's rights looking candidate.

Karen said...

Maybe McAullife feels entitled to be Gov now since Hillary got to be a Senator, then Sec of State, after her time in Bill's political career.