Monday, May 25, 2009

Honor Our Heroes on Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day.

Bar-b-ques, parades, flags waving, concerts featuring patriotic music, lots of gatherings. It's all good. Most important, though, is to remember why we have the freedom to enjoy a day to honor our fallen heroes, as well as those currently serving. Thank a soldier. Here's some easy ways to do that - you don't even have to leave your chair.

Stand Up America USA
In 2005, MG Paul Vallely founded this organization to organize multi-media projects - publication of articles and books, radio and television appearances, speaking engagements and the web site. At, the visitor can read the latest on global and domestic politics, the Global War on Terrorism, economics issues and cultural issues, too.

The Bob Woodruff Foundation
Journalist Bob Woodruff was injured while covering the Iraq War and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He and his wife, Lee, founded The Bob Woodruff Foundation to provide resources and provide support to injured service members, veterans and their families. The goal is to raise $1.65 million by today - this number represents the 1.65 million troops who have deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Most importantly, the foundation focuses on those who suffer from traumatic brain injuries. If you are on Twitter, you can participate with support for the cause at: . The website is .

Warrior Legacy Foundation
This foundation, a non-partisan 501C4 organization, has a commitment to protection and promoting the reputation and dignity of America's warriors. The foundation is an advocate for the preservation and elevation of the legacy of our American heroes.

There are many organizations, foundations, community groups and individual projects out there that could use some help to honor our military. These are just three that are relatively new and easily accessible.

Thank a soldier. Honor the fallen.


namaste said...

thanks for sharing this info, karen.


Karen said...

Same to you. Hope yours was a great day.