Saturday, September 19, 2009

Governor Perry Denies Reality in Texas

Rick Perry would like to serve the state of Texas for a third term as its Governor. He is being challenged by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Debra Medina in the Republican primary. It would be an unprecedented third term for the Governor.

The problem with public servants who do not know when to stop running for re-election is that their own agenda becomes corrupted. The perks of the office become taken for granted. Living in a bubble, paid for by the taxpayers, is a little too seductive.

Recently, a YouTube video appeared featuring Rick Perry speaking to a group of business leaders here in Houston. Here's a link:

The video shows that Rick Perry has fallen into the trap of arrogance and is appearing to be tone deaf to the real life problems of the citizens of Texas. In the past, Perry has made remarks that have produced chuckles from supporters and cringes from others. The latest fiasco relished by the far right was the secession debacle - bellowing against federal monies while taking federal monies. Talking smack and using the 10th Amendment to gain attention and support from the base of the party. It was an embarrassment as he went on national television programs and tried to explain his overwrought political speeches, using the Tea Party movement for his own publicity. Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina did the same. They were quite the pair.

Now, it is Rick Perry speaking before business leaders in Houston denying there is a recession in the State of Texas. As is printed in by Paul Burka Perry asks the question of recession, "We're in one?" As he references a report that says Texas will be the first state to come out of the recession, he denies Texas is in a recession and everyone has a good laugh.

This kind of arrogance will lose the election for Perry. This kind of arrogance is what leads a man known for discipline on the campaign trail to make such callous remarks. Unemployment is up to 8% now in Texas, a high percentage for our state. While we may be better off than the rest of the country, we are not insulated. All of us are very aware of the economic atmosphere and most of us are feeling it in some way. Even those of us in the oil and gas industry are hurting. To flippantly ask, "We're in one?" is beyond the pale.

The latest Rasmussen poll shows Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison up 2 points over Perry. Texans don't want a leader like Perry who shows a lack of compassion and a lack of a grasp of reality. Perhaps he has been living in that expensive rental property on the Lake a bit too long as the Governor's mansion is being re-built.

Words matter.

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