Monday, September 07, 2009

Obama Speaks To The AFL-CIO Labor Day Picnic

Today President Obama addressed the AFL-CIO Labor Day picnic. Considering their unprecedented financial support during the campaign, it was only fitting that he should be there today.

Mark Knoller, White House Corespondent for CBS Radio, "tweeted" from the speech:"Obama says he can't think of a better place to be that at the nation's biggest Labor Day picnic sponsored by the AFL-CIO." Well, you dance with the one who brought you, is what I say. Also interesting that Knoller made this observation: "Obama sounds in campaign mode as he begins Labor Day speech: "How y’all feeling today?. Are you fired up?" Oh no, not that babble again. Is the teleprompter taking the day off?

On health care, Knoller tweets:"Obama says its time for the debate to end: "It's time to act and get this thing done," he says of health care reform." Well, now. Considering President Obama has never bothered to lay out his specific plan for health care reform to the American people, instead allowing Congress to write multiple bills simultaneously, that is quite a telling quote. The nation is so fractured and so firmly against the bills coming out of Congress that Obama now has to roll up his sleeves and actually participate in the process. He has coerced the networks into yet again giving him time Wednesday night so that he can try to persuade everyone to get on the bandwagon.

Most say, too little, too late.

This is what happens when a man is elected to the highest office in the land and is nowhere near qualified to lead. He was briefly in the U.S. Senate after spending several years in the Illinois state legislature and has been in perpetual candidate mode. He remains there. He has no executive experience and it shows. He has completely lost control of his big agenda and now is in a bit of a panic.

The far left - with whom Obama is in alliance - demands a total change to public option. The right is aghast that 17% of our national economy would be squandered away in a big government takeover with so little known of the details. The middle - the Independents - are abandoning Obama in droves and now his popular polling numbers are about 48%.

No one thought Obama would crash to earth so swiftly. As a matter of fact, only Gerald Ford has descended in public support at such a rate.

WestWingReport tweets: "Obama to #healthcare opponents. "We've heard all the lies." Asks: "What's your solution?" Says "Nothing, you don't have a solution." By opponents, Obama means Republicans. It is a lie he perpetrates. Several Republican written alternatives are out there. Problem is, with a one party government, the minority is shut out as the majority fancies. And this majority fancies it.

The man who ran on a platform promising to bring bi-partisan governance to Washington sure seems to have turned out to be the very worse kind of ordinary politician.

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