Monday, September 14, 2009

Harris County Republican Chairman Race

This morning Memorial West Republican Women was the first such group to hold a candidate forum for the three running for Harris County Republican chairman. The election will be in March.

The three candidates are incumbent Jared Woodfill, currently in his fourth term; Ed Hubbard, and Paul Simpson. All are lawyers. All are showing signs of a strong, interesting race.

In the world of politics, certainly in Harris County, it is well known that Republican women are hard workers for candidates. Ed Hubbard has received the message loud and clear. He is promoting his ideas of reaching out to Republican women on his Facebook page. Jared Woodfill is a bit late to the game - he hosted Republican Women club presidents recently for a luncheon and to show a PowerPoint presentation of his ideas to move the party forward. Most presidents have felt left out of the county party leadership decisions and many feel it was Woodfill acting inclusive as this time he is not unopposed for reelection.

Simpson speaks strongly and concisely. He is the newcomer in the race - filing right around the deadline - but has a lifelong history working within the Republican party. He told us he began in High School and led the Rice University College Republicans. He is a longtime precinct chairman. He points to a strong ability to be a successful fundraiser.

It is good to have a choice in this race. Many Republicans have stopped working locally due to frustration with leadership not always open to inclusiveness. For too long the social conservatives have set the agenda. Both fiscal and social conservatives must work together to be a successful party. And, the party must learn that disagreement is healthy and expands ideas.

Paul Simpson claimed to have been at the inaugural event for the local Hispanic Republican group recently formed for community outreach and activism. He said the local party leaders were not there.


Anonymous said...

Paul Simpson and Ed Hubbard were both at the Hispanic event this past Friday. Ed Hubbard has showed up to the community service events in the Hispanic community since January, and has met with the Hispanic pastors as well. Engaging others is the hard part and Ed Hubbard has shown over and over how to do this effectively

Karen said...

Yes, I was impressed with Ed's outreach efforts he touted. I have personally met and spoken with him at other events, too, so I know he is actively attending gatherings.

Rfdillon said...

I too was at the Hispanic event last Friday, on Jared's behalf, as he was out of town. He would have liked to have been there, but could not. Jared has been very busy engaging not just Hispanic groups, but is reaching out to all groups in Harris county with the message of conservatism.

Karen said...

Interesting. Jared didn't mention that he sent any representatives to the event.