Monday, September 14, 2009

Tax Payers March on Washington D.C.

The media mostly ignored it. The Democrats mock it. There was no flood of front page coverage from newspapers. There were no news anchors posing as slobbering teenagers waxing poetic about the magic of it all. There were, however, a whole lot of people marching on the Capitol Saturday.

For the first time in the memories of most alive today, a huge rally was brought to Washington, D.C. with no real leader. They led themselves. They went to voice their concern and disgust about the direction in which this nation is heading.

President Obama and his administration has chosen to mock and belittle them. Despite the fact that over the summer break, the favorable polling numbers sharply declined as members of Congress held town meetings. The President's top marketer, David Axelrod, to this day claims that these protesting crowds are not true representatives of most Americans.

The President says, "We will call you out" if the truth is uttered. His method is to blur reality and claim anything other than positive response to any of his ideas of big government are lies or distortions. He claims Republicans simply want to bring him down for political reasons. He claims Republicans have no ideas and simply want to say no.

It is the President who lies about all this. He is unable to have honest debate. Why? Because he has never been in a leadership position and is simply a campaigner. He ignores, mocks and tries to destroy his critics at his own risk.

American taxpayers are from all parties, all walks of life. Senator Barbara Boxer voiced surprise that so many at town hall meetings are "well dressed", she being a liberal from California and used to burnt out former hippies leading dissent. Those showing up and voicing displeasure are not just Republicans, not just conservatives. Obama has lost a huge chunk of Independent support, support he must have to be re-elected.

American taxpayers are angry over the coming of increased taxes, a bloated federal government only growing larger, the existence of more than 30 'czars' in the White House who are accountable to no one but Obama and not confirmed by the Senate or vetted very well, high unemployment, huge national debt, and now a President hell-bent to snatch 1/6 of the national economy in one fell swoop and nationalize health care.

The bitter pill for Obama to swallow is that his own party is not united on his plan. Well, if he had a plan. Another problem is that he has no plan, only vague ideas that he wants Congress to write up into a bill for him. He simply wants something to sign and be able to say he did health care reform. He has bet his presidency on it. Realizing that 85% of Americans say they are happy with insurance coverage, he now says that it is health care insurance that he is reforming. The world knows America has the best health care system available anywhere.

Rep. Joe Wilson lost control and yelled out, "You lie" to Obama as he spoke before a joint session of Congress on the matter. It had to do with the fact that illegal immigrants would receive free care under Obama's public option plan - national health care. Obama claimed there was no such provision and it was one of the slurs uttered by those in opposition. The fact is, it was there and is now out thanks to Rep. Wilson. Changes were made to take it out after facts were checked. Wilson's method was not respectful but it did bring results.

The President has given over one hundred speeches trying to sell his reform. Problem is, it is not sounding any better to anyone. The problem is not the speeches, it is the legislation. Written by the far left with no Republican input, the House has a bill over 1300 pages long and so convoluted that no one understands what is in there. Not even the President. The Senate is working on several bills and is different than the House bill. It is all a confusing mess.

Unlike crowds in support of the administration that show up at rallys and demonstrations, these regular people are not paid stooges of the Unions or special interest groups. They are there on their own dime and emotions.

The President doesn't demand tort reform. He doesn't demand anything to truly reform health care in this country. He only seeks to expand what is already there. That is no solution.


The Vegas Art Guy said...

And the TEA party didn't even make a mess of the area either!

jadejohn said...

Hey, if the president might be shady concerning certain issues...then someone needs to speak up, right. This is politics, no one can tell me that all that is said, even about the health care reform, that it will take place-plus there are a lot of UN specifics concerning who will get health care, sorry, I got off the subject