Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RNC Women's Program Moving Forward

Yesterday I was able to listen in on a conference call for RNC Women's Program. The guest speaker was Gentry Collins, RNC Political Director. It was very interesting, chock full of statistics and polling tidbits. The future of the GOP is far from dead. We have the election of President Obama and his far left Democratic leadership to thank for that.

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Some points from Gentry Collins: One party rule is fairly rare and always short-lived. The party suffers from it, too. There have only been three instances of such rule since World War II. Now is no exception. The public is disillusioned with President Obama and downright disgusted with Congress. Democrats in Congress are at 18% approval and the GOP lead on generic ballot by 2-6 points.

Midterm elections typically favor the party out of power. One exception was in 2002 when the GOP actually picked up seats. With unemployment still so high and factoring in those who have simply stopped even looking for employment, with the cap and trade legislation passed in the House that will increase residential utilities costs, with the public frantic with outrage over pushing the monstrosity of a health care 'reform' bill and back room deals, the public is very unsatisfied. This atmosphere will benefit the GOP in November.

The electorate is ready for health care reform but they demand the kind of reform that actually reduces premium costs for families, not increase it as universal health care would do. John Q. Public has realized that the legislation now being pushed by the administration will drive up cost and voters reject it.

GOP voter turnout has dramatically improved in the recent elections - in New Jersey, in Virginia and in Massachusetts Independent voters also supported the GOP candidates. Volunteers are highly motivated and are tripling the contacts to voters from the numbers in 2008.

The grassroots base is motivated to do the hard work.

Currently, in the top 100 competitive seats, 82 are Democrats. Not many vulnerable seats are GOP this cycle. GOP recruitment is very positive all over the country for House races. Lots of "grade A" candidates are running in primaries.

Collins encouraged welcoming Tea Party groups into local party organizations. He advises candidates to work with local Tea Party leaders.

Twenty-eight states were represented on the conference call.

A timely follow up to this call arrived online this morning. "Lost and found: Young Republican enthusiasm" was the headline. The article points to the rising numbers of young voters - ages 18-29 years of age - that are turning to the GOP. The study was conducted by Harvard's Institute of Politics and is very encouraging. It showed young Republicans far more enthusiastic to vote in November than were the young Democrats interviewed. Young McCain supporters are far more likely to cast a vote in November than the young Obama supporters.

Statistically, the numbers were even on identifying as a liberal and as a conservative. Though not necessarily claiming to be Republican, they are claiming to be conservative, which will bode well for Republicans as Washington goes further to the left. There is still work to be done on the Republican brand with younger voters but there is hope for the future.

That's some hope and change we can believe in.


srp said...

I would be in heaven if someone would say we have a great opponent for Nancy Pelosi... please!

Z said...

There is a great opponent to Pelosi and I'm blogging him Saturday, I think, srp. Stay tuned!

Karen, did the RNC people mention THIRD PARTIES? I'm afraid the Nevada race might have been blown by a fellow calling himself the Tea party candidate when the tea partiers there don't KNOW HIM...this was a great chance to get Reid and now this third party candidate's drawn 22% of the Republican polled votes away from the Republicans and into this third party, making way for another Reid win which was virtually impossible until this Ashjian guy turned up!
I see this happening all over America and I see it happening with Dems behind it....tho I'm not a big conspiracy nut :-)