Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some Truth About Natoma Canfield

The story told by President Obama yesterday at the campaign style pep rally for his health care/insurance reform bill is not exactly as he told it. Who is surprised? This has happened time and time again. Obama goes to a big touchy-feely event, in this case it was at a rally where he was introduced by the sister of the ailing woman, and tries every trick in the book to win over the audience. Except even that is phony as his audience is always a friendly one in agreement with him.

Here is some truth about Natoma Canfield:


Why does he do it? Why does he continue to embellish the truth, to put it tactfully? He does it because the facts are not on his side. It is the same with his continual use of straw men in his arguments - meaning Republicans opposed to his massive government takeover of private industry. It is not a strong way to present a case.

Obama and the Democratic leadership do not, today, have the votes to ram through a massive realignment of 1/6 of our economy - the delivery of health care and health insurance. They are now plotting to use gimmicks that are clearly unconstitutional to get something through - anything at this point will be a victory for them. This is the signature legislation for the Obama administration, with a full year devoted to it, and they all know that if nothing passes, Obama will be unable to pursue the other items on his agenda.

Most Americans are content with their insurance coverage. Yes, everyone grumbles about what is and isn't completely covered. About 85% of Americans are covered by policies and do not want sweeping changes. Health care is extremely personal and the patient wants to be in control of the decisions, not some government bureaucrat.

It is sad that Notoma is ill. It is not an exceptional case, though. As is pointed out in the article, she is now 50 years old and has been able to keep the house her parents built as she lives her life. Diagnosed with cancer at the age of 34, she was cancer free after treatment until recently when she was diagnosed with leukemia. Her insurance premiums rose over time. Again, not unusual. Though she no longer carries insurance for herself, she is being treated now at a top notch cancer center in Cleveland and, contrary to Obama, will not lose her home.

Democrats love the sad stories to make a case for anything. There is something to be said for putting a face on a problem. There is a line that shouldn't be crossed, though and Obama is particularly fond of over doing it. This is why we don't believe him anymore. Each time it seems, after some fact checking, the story has been exaggerated for effect.

Though an overwhelming majority of Americans do not want the changes Obama is about to force upon the people, he will no doubt sign something into law so that his presidency will be viable. With majorities in the House and Senate, it is quite telling that even now he has to do events like yesterday's in Ohio to pad his case.

When such sweeping legislation has to be voted in with lies and props, while exploiting the illness of others, it is very telling. This is a disaster in the making - it will not do what it is billed as doing, such as lowering insurance premiums or reducing the federal deficit. Both sides of the aisle have some goals in common - reduced premiums, expanded coverage, crossing state lines for policies, small business credits, etc, and this is where it should begin. By going to the extremes, Obama shows again himself to be a strident ideologue, not a statesman or leader.

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Beverly said...

It is just incredible the lengths to which he (they) go.